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4 min readApr 11, 2021


Curated by nathanmaton, written & edited by NVO , Bits designed by Dripcult (all undervalued). ASG did basically nothing.

PSA before we start: Thanks so much for all of the love and 🪙. Since “there’s too many investments to thank one-by-one” is a super tool-bag thing to say, we’ll just blame it on the notifications buggin out. Also, we have some exciting partnerships in the works, despite being literally one day old.

Here we are. It’s a beautiful spring Saturday, ‘Clouters are spurning fresh air and sunshine to pump their coins and promote greater platform adoption. Because crypto never sleeps. Much like @ASG and the rest of the crew leading this daily newsletter digest (seriously, we are so tired).

We bring you… BitsTODAY, a daily digest of the most far-out experiments, cool posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of clout… rn. Let’s dive in 🐋.

Diamondhands’ drops 💎:

#1 Platform Evolution: Escape Velocity Reached

Pull to refresh is here. As if Bitclout wasn’t already addicting enough. Now the rapidity with which we can all collectively hammer the dopamine trigger has increased exponentially. Anyone setting up the 1–800 hotline for BitClout addiction?


All jokes aside, @Diamondhands and team are shipping functionality and features by the day, if not the hour, which bodes well for the entire ecosystem (*insert audibly bullish grunting*).

#2 Hide ya kids, hide ya seedphrase

As the value of many accounts on Bitclout moves from ‘drop-in-the-bucket’ to ‘potentially life-changing’ for some, and as we’ve seen with many other crypto platforms, major hacks have taken place over the past few days. @giftclout lost access. Verified twitter user @aj got hijacked. The list goes on. But the primary takeaway is clear: Treat your seed phrase like you would your firstborn. Or better.

How are folks getting serious about security, you might rightfully ask? @Authclout is one tool that’s being built (waitlist at current) that we’re interested in; the purported value proposition is “Passphraseless Authentication on BitClout.” In other words, another way to access your account.

#3 AMaeA (Ask @Maebeam anything)

Hey @maebeam. You reading this? We received a ton of sharp questions and requests from fellow clouters today in advance of this drop. And well… some of them have us stumped. And seem important. We’re not experts. Heck, a few weeks ago we were living like early homo sapiens in the Before Bitclout (“B.B”) time, ignorant of the beautiful 💩 storm headed our way.

  1. Can you please explain the multiple nodes & why that affects the stability of BitClout (from scottco)
  2. Let’s also explore the “discrepancy between the market value of my investments on the creator pages and my wallet.” (from @tshirttimemachine)

@Bitstoday faithful — if you can answer any or all of the above, please reply to the posts. Give us a shout and we may toss you some coin for the sleuth work, too.

#4 Cloutato wya?

The Cloutato experiment that launched has… floundered. At least for now.

It appears Cloutato got stuck with one of two users, neither of whom have come forward to clear their names of any wrongdoing. We’re not gonna lie, as early Cloutato tossers, we’re pretty invested in seeing this through. *Ahem* @itsteannatrump @oscarargaez… we’re waiting.

And while we wait for said resolution, at least we have this spicy meme from @bitcloutmuseum to document mayhem. We reckon that should be its own NFT, eh?

#5 Bitclout, The Museum (because of course)

You heard that right. Forget NFT museums on decentraland. @bitcloutmuseum is here. One of their first featured artworks? A beautiful piece immortalizing @artz for his tireless work evangelizing Bitclout. Get in there and take a look at the Artz Art while the price of admission is free 99.

That’s a wrap for us tonight, ‘clouters. We hope you enjoy and appreciate all your support, #hot-tips, and re-clouts.

What fresh hell will the lord’s day bring to Bitclout? One thing’s for sure — we’ll see you there.

Much love,

The @bitstoday crew

P.S., one more thing…

*@ConnorMitchell has entered the chat* 👀





BitsTODAY, a nightly digest of far-out experiments, sick posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of DeSo & BitClout… rn.