003. Attn: Bitclout is mooning.

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Howdy folks,

Another day in the books! Of course, a day on planet Bitclout is ~0.69420 years in Earth time. Trust us. We did the math.

The @Bitstoday team is doing yeoman’s work to keep up with all of your great tips, moonshot speculation, and of course to keep our fingers on the pulse of the platform itself. Any airline would charge us extra for the size of the bags under our eyes. But we love it, appreciate you, and we’re here for all of it. Who’s ready for another set of drops? 🐋

Guest bit design (intro) by ArtStory


Diamondhands’ drops 💎:

#1 Clout-iquette?

Now that many of us have been on Bitclout for a few weeks — we could be your grandpas in BitTime — we’re thinking more about what proper etiquette on the platform looks like. For those of us who see the long term value here and aren’t in for the quick pump and dumps … what do a few rules of the road look like? Of course, we’re not the only ones wondering:


As @craig & @pseudonymosaur rightly raised, how do we respectfully realize value from our own coins? No one who is here to create long-term value would rug their investors, but as people do create real value, how should we go about taking coins off the table, whether to donate, buy NFTs, support other creators, or anything in between?

What do you all think are sound / transparent ways to manage this with your investors?

We’re also keen to hear about great ways to reward investors beyond price appreciation. There’s a lot of cool NFT projects out there for sure, and we also liked the below example set by @clouttrack, which is based on simple communication and community access.

Speaking of Clouttrack, can we quick flex one time? Sorry not sorry.

#2 Attn: Bitclout is mooning 🌙


Unless you’re brand new to Bitclout, you’ve probably enjoyed watching the platform’s adoption accelerate in real time. While many projects on the internet, especially in crypto, can be dizzying and risk burning out fast, the fact that Bitclout has surpassed NBA Top Shop in Google search volume is wild. *takes a step back and admires the view*

Plus, with new mega users like @JakePaul and @Afrojack getting verified and coming online, it’s only a matter of time until legacy media catches wind of us and Bitclout enters the common consciousness. Let’s hope the madness doesn’t change too much, we like em’ crazy ;).

BTW we’ve got no beef with you @NBA… you’re just a little bit… last month’s news at this point.

#3 A Crescendo of Creativity

Bitclout makes a ton of sense as a platform for digital artists, NFT creators and collectors, and any type of artist really. What’s been cool to watch is new Bitclout-native projects and art pop up. Here are a few quick-hit examples that brought us lots of joy

  1. In the music space, @EmmitFenn is pre-releasing his new album by sending his top coin holders limited edition vinyls. BRB, we gotta go scale into his coin to get in on that.
  2. Bitclout got your fitness routine all f*cked up? Look no further than @ElisAngela, who is holding Virtual Zumba classes for coin holders. If you see someone in neon short shorts there tomorrow, that’s @ASG. (& thanks for the tip, @scottco)
  3. @socialarb and @steampoweredcid are pioneering what sounds like an incubator for great artists and NFT creators who are active on Bitclout. We can’t wait to see the first drop, which we hear is being led by @steampoweredcid (sneak peak 👇🏼) 💦💦 Holler at these guys to get in the mix, provided you have what it takes.

#4 Meme of the day


Because promoting yourself isn’t arrogant … not promoting yourself is.

#5 Follow-Ups: Female Top 10

Two Bitclout days ago (again, ~1.3884 years in Earth time), we trumpeted the call to get some active female founders in the top 10 creator list. Over the last 24, we were super excited to watch the rise of @trademeproject, who was at one point on pace to crack into the top 10. Since, her stock has fallen a bit amidst some nasty rumors. Here’s to hoping she can clear her name and has a fair shot at doing so.

We’re also stoked to see @RenataVC absolutely crush it, rising from $1k to $5k swiftly after launching a now legendary direct challenge to the Bitclout boys. We’re team clouty-spice, for sure. Let’s just make sure Dana White doesn’t catch-wind of this though, otherwise this fight is going Pay-Per-View.

That’s it for us today. We’re super thankful for anyone who read this far, has read all three editions, or has read any sentence of our work, frankly. We look forward to building alongside you on this infinite platform ❤


The @BitsToday team

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