010. The dawn of the @Da5id.

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Welcome to a fresh week of @BitsTODAY. Having a hard time keeping up with all the innovation and happenings on BitClout? While we’re here to help, we’ll admit it — we are too. Yesterday, we neglected to mention that our intro bits cover for 009 was made by an AI ALGORITHM… Mind blown. We truly are living in the future, and thank @somdipdey again for the lovely submission.

We’re pretty sure today’s intro was crafted by human hands… although these days, we can never be certain. In any case, y’all ready for blast off on a fine Monday evening? 3…2…1

Guest cover bit design (intro) by @digitalize

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at the top 5 transactions that went down on Bitclout today.

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: Paging the space police

As Naval (or should we say @Da5id? Too soon?) noted in his recent Clubhouse interview, people on BitClout seem to be “very well behaved.” And we take pride in that. That said, if someone’s cramping your clout on the platform, as of yesterday, you have the functionality to report their content, in addition to blocking them.

But… to whom are we reporting? Will the BitClout team monitor all reported content and adjudicate on outcomes? @Maebeam wya? Do we need to do another AMaeA? We’re down if you are. (thanks to @pineapple_clout for the original tip here)

#3 Da5id and Goliath

Well, Goliath (aka the top 10 creators list) wasn’t much of a match for @Da5id in this rendition of the story, either. And neither was @Craig, who quickly proposed an alliance with @Da5id rather than risk devastation:

Next up on the Goliath list? For a while earlier today, it looked like we were setting up for a monster battle of @Da5id versus an inactive Elon. Would this be what pulled @elonmusk into the game? Here’s how the leaderboard looked circa 11am PST:

So who tf is @Da5id anyways? This has been the hottest goss on the BitClout block today (at least until @r0nin entered the chat; more on that later). As @Da5id surged into the top 10 creator list seemingly out of nowhere last night, clouters from all walks of life strapped on their tin foil hats to opine ad nauseam about who this mystery man… woman… robot (???) could possibly be.

Turns out we definitely have some hardcore sleuths out there. In particular, both @firstmover and @williamlaurent offered compelling cases for who they thought @Da5id could be earlier today. Here are their unfiltered theories:

FYSA, @williamlaurent’s post linked out to a tweet from Roger Ver.

Midday however, @cloutviz came out with an authoritative deep dive on the Naval theory. It definitely swayed this reader, and for a minute the platform had almost achieved consensus.

That is until things got even more… cryptic. As covered in @cloutviz’s piece, this is no longer just a @Da5id story. There’s a new account, @r0nin, rising quickly through the ranks. Here’s some additional investigative work from @JSTJR on its origins:

With the new age of @r0nin now rising, folks started dumping @Da5id’s coin again. @Craig can count his lucky stars that he’s back in the venerable #3 slot.

In any case…this is all getting to be a bit much to keep up with. We had almost achieved consensus around the Naval theory, but things are changing by the minute:

And we had to ship this issue at some point. So let’s grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch the madness unfold. In the interim… any other farflung, far fetched theories you want to shoot our way? We’ll strap on our tin-foil hats, too (*a wild Elton John appears and jams out to Rocket Man*).

#4 Exchange it to my face

This section was contributed by @scottco and edited by @nvo

Another day, another major exchange launch on BitClout. While the @Da5id news and Cryptonauts news (coming up next) consumed the news cycle and global feeds yesterday, we also witnessed the arrival of @P2P, which claims to be the first Peer to Peer Exchange for BitClout, built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The public beta for this project is up at Bitcloutp2p.com. Fees are 2% and current swaps are being executed at an exchange rate of approximately $95 BUSD per BitClout (a 40% discount from BitClout’s official trading price of ~$160). In our view, this discount signals that there’s still a lot more orderflow and demand on the sell side of these exchanges, aka people looking to liquidate their BitClout. Which makes sense, considering how new the exchanges are.

P2P was founded by @Lobovkin, the creator of @cloutgate, which lends the project a lot of upfront credibility. Despite perhaps being slightly less well covered, the account saw a very active first day of trading, reaching a daily high coin price of $5,100 on volume of over $300k (data courtesy of @clouttrak).

Needless to say, the battle of the exchanges is heating up. Yesterday mid-day, there was an hour where the three different main exchanges’ accounts were the highest trafficked in terms of transactions (credit to @bitnews and @clouttrak, again):

The free market is hard at work on BitClout, driving innovation and competition at a breakneck pace. And this is a massive boon to consumers and creators on the platform, who over the course of a few weeks went from no off-ramp to 3+ competing projects. Given that Naval originally said he wanted to see such an off-ramp before joining the platform, is this another feather in the cap of the Naval = @Da5id theory?

#5 The unstoppable Cryptonauts episode 1: Ready for launch 👠🚀

Last but certainly not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tip our caps to the newest consortium of superstars on the clout, the Cryptonauts. Announced last night, we’re thrilled to see women empowering each other on BitClout, and it’s indisputable that the combined power of @helenowen @valegenta @amandajohnstone @trademeproject @samiudell @renatavc @whitneyfransway has the potential to change the gravitational field of the entire platform.

As to what their precise plans are, we imagine this will come into clearer view in the coming days. Their website offers a (might we add super sleek) glimpse into where they’re headed.

Cryptonauts, you catching these radio waves we’re sending out into space? We will keep our satellites dialed-in and ready for your signal 😉 .

*Mops sweat off brow* That was a vicious news cycle today, kids. We’re kind of confident 4/19 will get a short paragraph at least in the BitClout history textbook that our grandkids will read in their space classrooms someday. Who will reign ascendent as king of BitClout? Will it be r0nin? Something tells us that the torrid pace at which things are accelerating is going to keep torquing until the speed of light is breached. We’ll try to hold on for you ;)

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