014. Two nodes diverged under a yellow moon. 🌙

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Are there traditional weekdays on BitClout? Asking for a friend… or as full-time news reporters and editors who still have day jobs (btw… are the days of the day job numbered???)

It was great to meet some of you in our @BitsTODAY happy hour room earlier. For those of you that missed out on cocktails and clout convos about nodes, founder rewards and more, don’t worry, we’ll start running these HHs regularly.

While we’re making announcements, keep your eyes peeled for our first @BitsTODAY clubhouse room on Tuesday (4/27) @ 7pm PST. Until someone proposes something better nomenclature / system to keep track of BitClout time in lieu of old-world days and dates … we’re sticking to that. If you’re working on a new BitClout calendar, plz get in touch 📅.

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Bits on the menu today:

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s snapshot:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops

Two Nodes Diverged Under a Yellow 🌙

Unless this is the first piece of content about BitClout you’re reading in the last twenty-four hours, there’s verifiably no way you missed the news that @diamondhands dropped last night, namely a full access to BitClout data and the ability for users to set up their own nodes.

Node-flex zone. Node-flex zone.

As we wrote yesterday, side-line BitClout observers like @naval have been waiting for this moment. @naval noted the following in a Clubhouse interview last week:

“What I would like to see from Bitclout is … source code open-sourced so that there are multiple nodes running.”

As of this morning, @tijn reported that 500+ new nodes are now humming away.

Ain’t node stopping us now

So, what will all these nodes mean for the future of BitClout? We took note of a few different takes from across the platform throughout the day, and would love to hear yours as well:

Can I run a node to fix my node-ifications?
…I don’t node how many more node puns I can come up with
Yeah, that’s gonna be a node from me dawg.
Thought global was curated by a toddler smacking the keyboard with a barbie based on some of the posts that landed there tbh.

Indubitably there’ll be a lot MOAR nodes, takes on nodes, and takes on the takes on nodes in days to come. And unlike Robert Frost’s roads, we will try to travel them all.

The last thing we’ll note is that in a way, the node news also overshadowed the vision document that @diamondhands released too. We highly recommend you give it a read in full if you’re long on BitClout (here).

#3 Miyazaki’s Almanac™️

While we’re still struggling with terms like “Friday” and measurements of time like “days” as we get acquainted with our new lives on BitClout, one thing that isn’t lacking is a venerable BitClout Historian. @Miyazaki has been hard at work for more than a month now documenting the major events of the BitClout ages as they pass in what we’re dubbing (simply) “@Miyazaki’s Almanac”

Wait you’re telling me the whole Vegasdave thing was less than 3 weeks ago?!

With the dawn of @Da5id already a distant memory, and with the great node-n-ing of 4/22/2021 as the last entry, we can’t wait to see what else this fourth … “epoch” will hold?

Will future BitCivilizations look back at @Miyazaki’s Almanac and interpret its ending as indicative of a coming apocalypse the way we did with the Mayan calendar in 2012? @Miyazaki, maybe you’ll grace our pages with your presence sometime soon. We’re eager to see if you can divine the future as well as you can document the past ;)

#4 Cloutflix and chill

Another project that caught our attention today and is (so far) flying under the radar a bit is CloutFlix, a project by @sabby. If you’re looking to postpone sleep via some fresh BitClout content tonight, @sabby has you covered with video interviews with BitClout creators, of which he has already rolled out 2, with #3 (including @sigil) releasing on Monday. Who knows, next week you may see one of @BitsTODAY’s own in a cloutflix episode (like maybe next Thurs or something.. who knows).

We love that @sabby isn’t waiting for video to land on BitClout. With @Miyazaki as lead historian, might @sabby take the reins as lead documentarian of BitClout someday? Is @KenBurns taken?

#5 This mf spittin’

In case you missed it because you don’t frequent those parts anymore, @Chamath and @artz whipped up a frenzy with a tweet storm last night discussing the progress all of us here have been pioneering here on BitClout over the course of the past month plus.

Andy had to do it to them one time for the culture.

While there’s plenty of concern that engagement and new user onboarding is down and that new founder reward rules and other recent changes have smothered the fire that was burning bright on BitClout as recently as last week (more on that in Sunday’s edition 015), with institutional leaders (not to mention meme-chieftains) like @Chamath trumpeting the horn, perhaps we’ll see a resurgence of interest and new users in the coming days. If so, let’s be sure to provide them a warm welcome.

@Chamath — you a @BitsTODAY reader? We’re bleeding like a stuck pig on $CLOV.

That’s a wrap for the work week here at @BitsTODAY. As a reminder, we’re off on Saturdays as far as new issues are concerned. Get ready for another weekend recap on Sunday night, which might just include a $2,000 pic of @connormitchell’s 🍑 in our first ever sponsored post…

Bon voyage,


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