016. The good, the bad & the ugly.

7 min readApr 27, 2021

Today’s edition includes curation from @scottco (as always). Our intro design was provided courtesy of @charliehilton (both undervalued af).

It’s the third week of @BitsTODAY writing. Pirates and brave sea-farers alike still ravage the high seas. Mama Mae has committed to a full week of sizzling hot drops. The BitClout price is rallying. @justtoasters is just toasting some @sourdough. And it’s only Monday afternoon.

If we dare to look ahead, friendly reminder that tomorrow (4/27) @ 7pm PST, we’re hosting our first @BitsTODAY clubhouse room with @nigeleccles, co-founder of FanDuel, CEO of Flick, and most impressively, a stellar regular contributor on @BitsTODAY). You won’t want to miss it as we go deeper on the day’s news and the major conversations around the clout-iverse. Join in on the fun here. Let’s dive in 🐋

Guest cover design by @charliehilton.


Today’s Clout Covered:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive look at today’s numbers
  2. Ubiquitous UX Drops: April, Mae, June
  3. Clout Controversy: @wBTCLT withdraws from BitClout
  4. BitCharity: Good-guy @Craig 🐋 enters the splash zone 💦
  5. Loot secured: Winner Winner @CharlieHilton’s Buying Dinner

*Bonus section cause we made a boo boo — An Addendum: correction regarding a wise ape (@smartape)

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s numbers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops

April, Mae, June

We’ll say it plainly — this week is going to be nucking futs with UX drops. Before our calendars turn to May, our attention will be with Mae this week. Our beloved mother has already told us she’s going to be dropping 🔥🥵 all week. Here’s to hoping we can keep up.

Is it just me… or is Mae straight up BEAMING rn?

After @maebeam kicked things off last night with the release of the BitClout Identity code, @diamondhands dropped a big one on us this morning, announcing that the BitClout exchange API is now open-source.

This is not a mf DRILL people.

This means that theoretically, CoinBase or UniSwap or any of the major crypto exchanges can whip up their own off-ramp for BitClout. Do first-movers like @BitSwap have a sufficient head-start to secure market share? And how will this impact BitClout prices?

@Designsta provided their take:

Clout rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M. Get the money. Dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

This editor tends to agree, long-term. Short-term, we think the presence of new, seamless off-ramps may lead to rugging and a quick cash exodus as those not committed to BitClout get their exit (paper-hand lames). Much like Bitcoin has experienced over the course of a decade, as weak hands exit, stronger, more committed hands will jump in to hold the line.

Psssst. XYW… Examine your wallet. 👀

Another project we have our eye on that could be huge (especially as BitClout is awash with whales and pirates like @Da5id and @Lu1s) is @WalletTracker, built by @zakharday.

@WalletTracker aims to let you track investments other users on BitClout, e.g. a notable whale like @galamar, are making in real time. Invest like the pros, amiright?

If enough people start investing in this manner, it could create a massive momentum tidal 🌊 as average-joe investors quickly catch wind of big movers and shakers’ investments. Perhaps this will even lead to counter-tech and new ‘dark pools’ where whales try to conceal trades, kicking off an arms race of sorts (sharpens harpoon)

For now, you can get a glimpse of the purported functionality in this post, and also join the project’s public discord (links in their recent posts).

#3 Creator Controversy: Bad day for @wBTCLT

The @bitcloutsignal team coming in clutch with this data pull.

Rather than facilitating more seamless BitClout withdrawals, @wBTCLT (short for wrapped BitClout) has … unfortunately withdrawn itself from Bitclout. Citing extenuating personal circumstances in the accounts bio, the project and founder @adrianc sold off all of their creator coin. Of course, while we can trust that the personal circumstances cited may indeed have been extenuating, there are countless more fair ways @wBTCLT and @adrianc could have given investors in the project their money back and alerted the community to coming changes.

@BitSwap had been in talks to partner with @wBTCLT over the past week. @wbclt (run by @sigil and co) is the surviving project.

Sigil and team aged from 17–45 in one day dealing with the stress of this nonsense.

@Sigil shared the following with us and notes that his team is pushing ahead full-steam to make wrapped BitClout a reality:

“The BitSwap team does not endorse @adrianc’s actions. Unfortunately we still have to deal with the consequences. We have to focus on what we can control.”

You can read more from @Sigil and team here.

This is indubitably a blow to the community, though not an insurmountable one. As quickly as projects spring up these days, others fizzle.

#4 BitCharity: Good-guy Craig 🐋 enters the splash zone 💦

Lost in the weekend’s hullabaloo was a really positive post from @craig regarding the proceeds of his first sponsored post auction (which grossed an insane ~$90k). @craig used the opportunity to exhibit great community leadership and to show us the true power of the platform, introducing us to some (hopefully) aspiring clouters who are drilling a well in Uganda courtesy of the sponsored post’s revenue. Craig may be top 3.. but this is top 2, not 2 move right here.

Well, you absolutely love to see it.

Amid continued criticism and no shortage of rug pulls, it’s good to see BitClout being used for good in the three-dimensional world. Let’s hope other whales follow suit, whether in bringing water to the people like @craig did, or in other equally impactful pursuits. (Craig for president 2024).

#5 Loot secured: Winner Winner @CharlieHilton’s Buying Dinner

I don’t know how I could’ve made it any clearer tbh.

Did everyone enjoy the maiden voyage of @TidyBoats? We sure delighted in bringing our own little treasure hunt to the community over the past twenty four hours. Though @CharlieHilton reigned victorious, we know lots of you were super close. And yes, we know, the lawnmower + Kirsten Dunst clue was a little out there 😅 (blame @asg for that one).

Here’s what @CharlieHilton had to say about his victorious effort:

“I solved (the puzzle) by looking at any obviously out of place words in the original post…”

Yeah, we did really have to force things like olive, pyramid and organ in there. @nvo had his work cut out for him yesterday. In any case, we loved seeing how engaged everyone was, and we’ll be sure to introduce more gamification into future issues.

..Oh yeah, there we also like 14 other seed phrase riddle accounts that popped up today, and like 13.5 were a scam. Can we be done now or nah?

#5 (Oops) An Addendum: A correction regarding a wise ape 🐒

We would like to make an addendum to content that ran in yesterday’s issue (015).

With respect to the winner of the BitClout wide-treasure hunt over the weekend and subsequent use of the @uncle_enzo account, we had quoted @CharlieHilton as follows:

“Unconfirmed whether he passed the key around, or others worked it out. I think he basically posted the seed phrase into the main discord. It then got pumped, dumped, looted, repeat. Someone then took the account and locked everyone out.”

Today, @smartape kindly came forward and shared that they did not share the entire seed phrase. Rather, they only posted clues to the seed phrase in the community discord channel. Other unknown users quickly solved the puzzle, likely combining a mosaic of publicly available information, and then took control of the account and ran somewhat amok.

In the future and when possible, @BitsTODAY will look to gather statements from all parties involved and referenced. We’ll always aim to run an above board operation here and thank @smartape for steering us in this direction. 🚢

That concludes our coverage for this fine Monday. We hope you’ll join us in our first Clubhouse room tomorrow, and that you’ll continue to share the @BitsTODAY word with friends, family, ex-lovers, your pets, and more. Lastly, here’s a link to our substack if you prefer receiving snail mail… er, we mean email ✉️.

Have a lovely evening (or morning, or afternoon, wherever and whenever you’re reading this),

The @BitsTODAY team

***Quick disclosure from our future lawyers: Members of the @BitsTODAY team may hold positions in creators featured in our daily editions at the time of publishing or thereafter. If we do, it’s because we believe in them, and intend to hold our stakes for the long-term🐂***




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