019. Friday night happy hour.

Today’s edition cover design was provided in collaboration with @memes and @huntsauce (undervalued).

Welcome to another edition of our @BitsTODAY Friday Night Happy Hour. Tonight, we’re excited to hit you with our hottest weekend recs, including live music, good ol’ fashioned family fun and feel good highlights from the week across BC to carry us into the weekend. So grab your favorite cocktail and load up on some more of your favorite creator coins, because the @BitsTODAY train has no brakes 🚂🚂🚂

Cover design by @memes x @huntsauce

@memes x @huntsauce

Today’s Clout Covered:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers presented by @bitcloutsignal

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops

Newest from mama Mae

Maeyoncé is really getting us into formation with these hits.

We’ve been building up to this drop for weeks and they just went and … dropped it…

In the words of Queen Mae,

“Today is a very big day. Today we’re doing something the dominant social media companies will never do.

Today we’re making all of the BitClout frontend code public. github.com/bitclout/frontend

Now, not only can anyone run a copy of bitclout.com, but anyone can easily build a *superior version* of bitclout.com.

Moreover, making the frontend code public means any improvement that the developer community makes can be shared by all nodes on the network.

Running a node gives you all the data, and now you can make your node look and feel however you like. No data moats, no walled gardens, no BS. See running a node to get started: docs.bitclout.com/devs/running-a-node

Some small suggestions for what you can build today:

A better messages experience.
An iOS app.
Dark mode (looking at you @tijn).

And of course, if you find any bugs you're entitled to a reward: docs.bitclout.com/devs/bug-bounty

We hope today serves as a reminder of why we're all here.

We're here to build a world where data and code are utilities anyone can build on, not privately-held walled gardens.

The vision: docs.bitclout.com/the-vision

Together, we will make BitClout not the best website, but the best *platform*. All while keeping it totally open and fully decentralized.

Together, we hope to show that the power of open source can overcome the dominant, centralized monopolies.

Now, get BUIDLing!

This is literally the mic drop on everyone saying this platform isn’t even decentralized. LFG.

Scammers: You are so dumb. You are really dumb, for real.

Hide ya kids hide ya wives cause they scamming errbody round here.

While scammers have been out in full force this week, there’s plenty of good guys, gals, bots, and more out on the front lines fighting back and protecting your coin. One stand-out example? @tjin and a new reporting tool he’s developed that lets you easily track who’s changing their username on BitClout. Scammers will sure try to run down the block and hide, but they can’t hide on the blockchain.

#3 Let’s role the dice.

*Lands on “whale tax.” Flips board off the table. Rugs all my friends. Cries.*

Looking for a way to spend some time off your screen but still immersed in the broader clout-iverse this weekend? Look no further than @cloutopolygame from the absolute rascals @CharlieHilton and @olmstead. The full white-paper for the game was released today, check it out here — But here’s a little insight about the board:

The game board is comprised of:

  • 22 profiles (properties)
The guys hooked us up with a BitsTODAY only exclusive look at the 4 Exotic cars. Which is your favorite?

Of course, if you have any experience playing boomer monopoly, you’ve likely experienced the … let’s just say temporary strain that someone’s landing on Park Avenue one too many times can cause on even the best of familial relations or friendships. We’d pay good coin to see the Cryptonauts bonds tested by a raucous game of Cloutopoly.

If things ever get too tense between you and your (previously) best BitClout mates? No sweat, these @BitsTODAY happy hours are a weekly occurrence. Nothing like a few 🍻 to make amends, at least until someone whips the @cloutopolygame board out again.

#4 BitClout beats 🔊

Looking for the perfect weekend playlist to kick off the rest of your Friday night festivities after we close up shop here? Or maybe even just for the long BitClout surf and scroll you have planned for tomorrow 🏄🏼‍♂️?

Look no further; @LiveMusic has got you covered. @LiveMusic announced they’re hosting what might just qualify as the first BitClout festival this Sunday, including top BitClout native artists like @ClayPerryMusic, @Murkury, @Monvol and more.

Any chance @BennyBlanco will be making a guest appearance, @LiveMusic? Maybe he’ll drop the collab he teased with the BitClout Boys? I guess there’s only one way to find out…

If their first single isn’t titled “It’s gonna be Mae-beam” then my man Benny needs to start all over. Sorry I don’t make the rules.

#5 Feel Good Fridays

Today, we’re excited to unroll a new @BitsTODAY segment, Feel Good Fridays. The name of the game? Uncover extra positivity and… well, feel-good stories to carry you into the weekend.

Our first feature was contributed by @MillyTamati, whom we want to make sure is on your radar as an outstanding female creator on the platform (it’s also her birthday 🥳🥳🥳)

When she’s not regaling us with fanciful details about what life on a tiny sliver of Scotland is like, Milly is hard at work building @Mindclout, an early-mover in the health & wellness space on BitClout. The project is described as “The first social enterprise project that provides positive mental health tools, resources & support to BC.” For more on her vision, here’s @MillyTamati herself on the project:

MindClout: Humanizing Social Media.

We’re really feeling good about this first feel good Friday.

What’s a day on BitClout equivalent to in the real world again? A week? A year? I forgot already. What with all the cutting-edge innovation, ground-breaking developments and… names that are spelt with numbers? Head-spins and jaw-drops (as well as rug pulls) are standard procedure. But what lies beneath this bubbling, largely-positive, Crypto metropolis is an untapped, deep well of possibility. The rare opportunity to create social change, on social media.

For all the great doors that Bitclout will open, there lies an underbelly. Humans (and furry friends / bots alike) are tying a monetary value to their name, for everyone to see and manipulate. This raises the question: how will this affect users’ mental health? In the often isolating, addictive world of social media, would providing tools to help users navigate this new realm not be the ultimate example of ‘user experience?’

MindClout was born from a desire to do things better. We’re too late on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But we now have a rare chance to define the system in which we will spend much of our lives from the outset. There’s an opportunity to provide tools, resources and professional support to those who might otherwise not have access. To collaborate with creators and companies who are purpose-driven and realize that without a healthy user, we really have no community at all.

At just over one week old, MindClout is still in its infancy. Our belief is that speaking about mental health as well as vulnerability and authenticity on social media should be. We’re here to break stigmas, start conversations and support the very community which we’re a part of and nurturing. One day, accessing mental health services via social media will be as normal as chatting to a customer service widget. Maybe true decentralization will also mean democratizing access to supporting people’s mental wellbeing?

Creating an environment for a happy and healthy community to thrive will result in a more engaging, inspiring and powerful platform for everyone. Most importantly, normalizing mental health struggles and experiences will have an unimaginable knock-on effect, long after we have logged off for the evening. In the words of @diamondhands quoting Elon: “In retrospect, it was inevitable.” I hope to look back, and say the same thing about MindClout.

We’re onboarding an epic team of passionate advocates, like-minded influential accounts and mental health professionals to contribute to the growth of MindClout. Feel free to DM me if you, or someone you know, would be a great fit.

Altruism: Positive social impact powered by BitClout.

Another new project that caught @BitsTODAY’s eyes this week is @Altruism, a project by @Benorloff. Let’s take this one straight from the source as well — here’s what the founders had to say about the project:

“@Altruism was inspired by the kindness and generosity that I’ve witnessed on BitClout. The project has a simple mission: to provide investors with a novel approach to charitable giving. 100% of the proceeds from @Altruism are donated to charity and investors choose which charity receives the funds each month. With @altruism, there is now an opportunity to invest in an asset with growth potential while simultaneously contributing to the donation pool. Also important to note, I believe that incorporating philanthropy into the BitClout platform will help to decrease external skepticism and bolster an accelerated adoption.”

You absolutely love to see it.

Alrighty, it’s time for the last call here at the @BitsTODAY happy hour. We dare say there’ll be some good afterparties that pop up, maybe we’ll see you there 😉. If you’re tuckered out from a long day on the clout already, we’ll catch you back here on Sunday for our weekend round-up.

Make sure to get home safe y’all,

The @BitsTODAY team 🤘🏼

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