024. Friday Night Happy Hour.

Today’s edition cover design was provided courtesy of @cloutpunk

Hiya friends,

It’s Friday night (OK, maybe it’s already Saturday morning for many of you), so you know what that means. It’s another edition of our @BitsTODAY Friday Night Happy Hour! Our specials tonight? We’ve got a founder reward tonic and some small creator cocktails, not to mention countless of other selects on tap for you 🍻🍻🍻.

What are you having? Whatever your choice, we’ll have it right out for ya. Take a seat, relax, and enjoy some refreshing @BitsTODAY coming your way.

Editor’s note: we are building a story around the ongoing situation with @charcoin (obviously) and will cover it in depth on Sunday. We appreciate the magnitude of this rugpull and want to make sure our information is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

Guest cover designed by @cloutpunk.


Bits on the menu today:

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: Founders keepers

The big news in UX drops today? A grassroots campaign that many of us have clamored seems to have swayed the BitClout dev team (LFG). Big-name creators ranging from @Craig, @JakeUdell and @maz to smaller creators across the platform have longed to at least have the option to receive their founder reward in BitClout, rather than in their own creator coin.

That day is here 🎉🎉🎉. Here’s what daddy @diamondhands had to say:

Homie tried to sneak this out at 2am like we wouldn’t notice

Why is this such an important change? For one, as long as there’s stigma surrounding selling your own coin, or at least until we’ve all collectively learned how to navigate that, monetizing an account on BitClout was challenging. Now, your wallet will grow with each investment (provided your FR % isn’t 0%). You’ll have the flexibility to (i) invest in yourself if you want (ii) invest in other creators (might we suggest small ones?) or (iii) trade BitClout for another cryptocurrency. This unlocks a TON of optionality for creators that should help BitClout circulate more fluidly.

#3 Youth Gang: GenZ coming for your lunch money

They may not be allowed to buy lotto tickets at their local gas station. But they sure can earn moonshots in the form of BitClout. And they may not be able to sip brews and chat crypto at their local bar. But they’re more than welcome at the @BitsTODAY happy hour.

We’re talking about the young guns, the Gen Zers, the under 21 crowd (and under 17 really) that’s having a big day today on BitClout. Creators the likes of @100 to @jasonkhoury @theimfamousa and @AgustinOlmedo @tonywu are getting absolutely mooned today, including by top investors like @THETALENTFUNDII and @JakeUdell.

Is this 15 year old koalafied to manage this type of coin? You bet your ass he is.

These creators may be half @ASG’s age (literally), but they’re probably also twice as enterprising, organized, and creative (editor’s note: wow ok rude, but true tbh). It seems the smart money is clamoring all over these young creators. The thesis? While it likely varies by investor, we imagine the combination of (i) youthful energy and optimism (ii) a truly digital native upbringing (as opposed to folks like us, who remember playing outside) are attracting the big money into this young gun space.

Of course, lest we forget, there’s BitClout OG’s like @Sigil who haven’t yet cracked 18 either. So it’d be unfair to say this trend is entirely new. Nor have the @Sigil’s of the clout-iverse — old-timers in BitClout years but mere youths in Earth years — stopped making big 🌊🌊🌊. Just today, @Sigil and the @BitSwap team received a cash offer for equity in their business. And it wasn’t small.

Anyone else getting Shark Tank vibes rn?

Mad respect for the commitment, @dharmesh, regardless of whether the team takes you on as a lead investor or not. We’re blown away and stoked to follow what the next generation has in store for BitClout. One thing’s for sure; we’re feeling over the hill today.

#4 Small Fish Friday: A Wave of Support for Tadpoles and Minnows

In order for an ecosystem to not only survive, there’s all kinds of players from the tippy top to the roots of the food chain who need to be well taken care of. For 🐳 to thrive on BitClout after all, they still need their daily dose of plankton. New UX changes, like the founder rewards paid out in BitClout will indubitably help make sure that the small fish of BitClout have a chance of making in on the platform. But as we were introduced by featuring @millytamati’s now famous video, creators themselves, as well as dedicated pools of capital, have an important role to play too.

Two projects that have caught our eye in this space include @smallfund and @millytamati’s @belowfifty. Both focus on investing in up & coming creators, with @belowfifty taking it a step further reserving investments for creator coins whose price is < $50.

Run it back one time for Milly girl summer.

Needless to say we love supporting small, nascent creators on the platform. But there’s also economic appeal here. Big time. @Scottco laid out the economics well:

Scott “Big Brain” co ladies and gentlemen

Now we’re just ruing the fact that we haven’t created a @BitsTODAY fund to track the up & coming creators we highlight. Better late than never? TBD…

#5 On Our Dessert Menu?: A slice of BitClout history

Now that the libations have been flowing for some time here at the @BitsTODAY happy hour, are you ready for something sweet to tantalize your palate? Fortunately, @BitCloutMuseum might have just what you’re looking for.

What’s on the menu here? A collage of the first 25 portraits that were immortalized in the @BitCloutMuseum gallery. Titled “First 25 items,” this composition includes stunning depictions of BitClout legends like @RajLahoti and @trademeproject.

Looking to toss your hat in the ring to own this delicious morself? The auction has been on 🔥🔥🔥, but there’s still time to get in. With a top bid of 40 clouts, there’s auction doesn’t close until midnight on the east coast. Anyone dare to dethrone @Artz, the current leader? Probably not. Plus we feel like Artz buying arts that includes a portrait of Artz just needs to happen for the culture.

Laaaaaast callllllll for alcohol (or juice box’s @100) here at the @BitsTODAY happy hour. What was your guys favorite item on the menu tonight? And what would y’all like to see featured this time next week? We’d love to have you as our guest mixologists for future editions of our Friday night happy hour. Pop into our discord or get in touch with @nvo if you’re trying to get involved. Those under 21 need DEFINITELY apply.

Have a great one,

The @BitsTODAY team



BitsTODAY, a nightly digest of far-out experiments, sick posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of DeSo & BitClout… rn.

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BitsTODAY, a nightly digest of far-out experiments, sick posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of DeSo & BitClout… rn.