025. A BitClout Mother’s Day.

Good day clouters,

And a very happy Mother’s day to all the lovely mothers out there. Who sent mama-@Maebeam the most diamonds today? @Ludo or @Neurally, y’all got stats on that?

We jest, we hope you all spent some time with your IRL moms today. And for those of you that have created actual human beings and not just memes on BitClout, we salute you doubly ❤️.

It was another busy weekend on BitClout and so we’ve got a full weekend round-up edition for you. One special touch for Mother’s Day? We’re stoked to highlight lovely content that’s been charming our feeds, all from creators paying homage to their mothers; keep an eye peeled for that. Still got your mom’s day post queued up? No sweat, be sure to tag @cloutexhibition in it and they can include it in their final compilations 🌈.


Bits on the menu today:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers presented by @bitcloutsignal

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: Full(er) Disclosure

Scammers be warned. @diamondhands and team have been hard at work this weekend; in fact as far as we can recall, the drops we’re about to describe are the first on Saturday and Sunday that we can remember. We wouldn’t have thought it possible, but the #ubiquitousUXdrops are coming in at an even more feverish pace than in the early days of Clout (aka a month ago).

The latest from the core BitClout dev team? Some important wallet and creator coin page disambiguation — you can now differentiate between creator coin that was gifted vs. purchased on other accounts profiles.

Okay so which one of you gave @pamelaanderson $chlamydia?

As @diamondhands noted, this change will help investors evaluate projects more thoroughly. Previously scammers could send coin to BitClout OG’s (e.g. @JakeUdell), making it look like they’d bought in on the cap table. Now you’ll be able to recognize at a glance that the coin was just sent to Jake.

I wonder if @Artz received @pizza_clout for dinner tonight 🍕

This change is great in and of itself. What’s better? It’s evident that @diamondhands and the entire BitClout dev team are super actively listening to community suggestions. Many recent changes, including this one and the change to how founder rewards are received, were direct feedback that the community rallied behind. Perhaps this drop was even prioritized after the @charcoin debacle on Friday (more on that in a sec).

@diamondhands sees everything. Like for real, he never logs off.

We all should feel more empowered to be thoughtful about what functionality could be rocket fuel for BitClout’s greater adoption. Beyond a vested interest, our community’s voice is growing.

#3 @Charcoin — Massive rug burn

On Friday night, BitClout witnessed one of the biggest rug-pulls yet. We’re not talking rug-burnt elbows here, this one cut to the core of the clout consciousness. In a highly organized scam, after a final 0% founder reward pump, @Charcoin, which ensnared a number of notable BitClout legends, ultimately netting the rug artisans north of $200k in total.

(Data courtesy of @BitCloutSignal (undervalued) https://bitcloutsignal.com/history/charcoin)

We’ve made an editor’s decision to not cover the specifics of how this scam was orchestrated, on the off-chance that it provides less ammo to other would be scammers. The specifics have been explored and covered in depth by committed clouters like @Fungibles.

Rather, we’d prefer to focus on calls to action. There has been a ton of spirited discussion across BitClout, clubhouse, and countless Discord channels about how we can turn this six figure Persian rug into a learning moment to prevent scams, at least of this magnitude in the future. Are there changes on the dev side that can help? Sure. The updates to wallets and cap tables discussed in our UX drops section will indubitably help.

We’d be hesitant to put all the onus on code however. BitClout aims to be decentralized after all, and decentralization inevitably means some of the onus has to be on us, the creators and investors, the lifeblood of the platform. Of course, many of us parrot “due your own due diligence” when we chat BitClout. But we probably need to go a few steps beyond that. As long as we ape into flashy projects, scammers will see there’s fast cash to be made on smart promises and attractive mock-ups. We’re not proponents of slowing the transaction volume on the platform, but until behavior becomes more discriminating, and investments shift to projects that have a proven track record of real results, it’s difficult to see a path to a rug-free BitClout.

What else can we do? Well, we can make sure the embers of this fire don’t fade into a distant memory too quickly. Ideally, the @Charcoin debacle will become a seminal case study that new users learn about; a cautionary tale in early BitClout history that we pass down for generations.

How might we memorialize it sufficiently to serve this end? We’re all ears, and recognize we at @BitsTODAY have a big platform to help. @Miyazaki, thoughts on your end? @DrSeuss, maybe we need a children’s book style parable? We’re all 👂👂👂.

#4 The Cloutifieds

It’s been a quick min since we highlighted some of the coolest opportunities on the platform. Tonight? We figured you should know about this one 👇👇👇

Feel like you completely missed out on the @cloutpunk trend? Didn’t have enough liquidity to pony up for your own when they were $100? Well, take off your hat and get ready to throw it in the ring, @Benorloff and @cloutpunk are teaming up to gift a couple punks to lucky winners who participate in a drawing that runs through the end of the day.

“No mom, a @cloutpunk profile pic isn’t just a phase… It’s a way of life!”

#5 Mother’s Day Special

In closing today, we want to highlight stand-out contributions from across the clout-iverse for a very special project spearheaded by @cloutexhibition and @alinaferry. Over the weekend, homages to Mom have been pouring in and the dynamic duo backing the project has been amplifying them. In a gallery style, let’s take a look at some of our favorites. We’ll leave our sardonic and snarky commentary out of this 💕💕💕.


Last but not least, @alinaferry herself left us with a cliffhanger… For part II? You’ll have to peep her page 👀👀👀.


Who tf is chopping onions in here? We hope it’s cuz you’re whipping up some bomb dinner for Mom. Seriously though, what a beautiful, thoughtful collection of content. This is what it’s all about. Head on over to @cloutexhibition to see more, and thanks again @cloutexhibition and @alinaferry for the inspiration.

Alright, we’re off to hang with our moms now. Big shoutout to @ASG’s wife for letting him spend a couple hours editing this edition. Otherwise, go get some sleep. We gotta be back at the BitClout battlestations tomorrow.

@BitsTODAY over & out

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