026. Nacho average Monday night.

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Happy Monday folks. It’s been a great one here in the clout-iverse. We’ve seen vision meet execution beautifully in a lot of ‘firsts’, whether it was in the first ever ticketed-concert courtesy of @hyped or in entrepreneurial pitches in the first-ever “Product-a-thon.”

As we at @BitsTODAY plow ahead with our daily issues, it’s good to keep our eyes on the macro goal here, too: Let’s build a great community.. Let’s get creators paid. With that in mind, and after a tougher week last week that saw some major rugpulls and some scares about declined DAUs, we sat back today and smiled. We’re still stoked about the path BitClout is on folks. Maybe now more than ever.

Ready to take flight? Moonwards 🚀

Cover designed by @MotionGraphicsCollective


Today’s Clout Covered:

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: Lights. Camera. @BitCast

After highlighting the top UX drops from 💎🤲🏻 and team in recent issues, we wanted to shift gears again and highlight great projects being spun up by enterprising teams in the broader community. Our first stop? @BitCast.

Global feed too frenetic for you? Same. And feel like your “Following” feed isn’t perfectly curated yet? Yup, we can sympathize there as well. Also feel like you’re not seeing much great video content on Bitclout.com yet? That’s a familiar refrain; we talked about this just last night in our @BitsTODAY podcast (listen here).

Fortunately, @BitCast is here to help. Their value proposition in one sentence? Help creators easily discover the top videos on the BitClout blockchain. Perhaps you missed @millytamati’s launch video for @belowfifty because you weren’t following her yet? Boom, now you can discover it in the “Trending” section on Bitcast’s website (in beta, see here).

That Krassenstein arm wrestle though…

As visualized in the screenshot below, you can also quickly find top all-time videos (most liked or most diamond), too. We’re super excited for this project, given it should help bring great video content to the fore on BitClout and will show video-focused creators there’s a path to more eyeballs and impact on the platform. Maybe there’ll be a plug-in directly on BitClout.com eventually, too?

Doodles is racing. LOOK AT DOODLES GO.

@BitCast was funded in part by @BitSeed (also part of the @BitHunt), an investment and vetting vehicle for top projects on BitClout, with support from the likes of @mccannatron, @artz, @miyazaki, and more. Special thanks to @jckly for providing us more insight into @BitCast’s vision and how it fits into the @BitHunt and @BitSeed ecosystem.

#3 Product-a-thon: Pitch it straight into my veins

Whew. That was one for the books. @BitsTODAY had the pleasure of sitting in on product and project pitches from finalists in the first ever Product-a-thon on BitClout. Organized by @shubhang and featuring a panel of all-star judges, we were blown away by pitches ranging from resources and education promoting inclusive design (@inclusivedesign) to an investment research platform for active BitClout traders (@finclout_io).

While all the pitches we saw had us sold, the discerning, experienced team of prospective investors didn’t go easy on the creators behind them, hammering critical questions that spanned monetization, customer acquisition, security and perhaps most importantly, why these projects are particularly well-suited to BitClout.

The winner? Drum-roll please… Just kidding, you probably already saw this announced on your feed (and if you didn’t, there’s probably some people you should follow…) @clout_cast walked away with the top prize, including a $10,000 investment, not to mention MASSIVE clout.

Olmstead the meme maker/ VC coming through with the announcement (should of made a meme out of it but w/e)

And for those who didn’t win, there’s still a massive benefit: They practiced their pitching skills directly with top notch VCs. Most founders never even make it that far.

The highlight for the @BitsTODAY team that was listening in? Diversity, not just in the range of ideas that are coming to life on BitClout, but in the founders working day and night to make them happen, too. The beauty of BitClout, everyone…

#4 @NachoAverage Zoom Room: Moar BitClout, 24/7

In case your day wasn’t full enough already, the after-party for the @hyped concert was in full-swing on another grassroots zoom room, namely the @NachoAverage zoom room! Purportedly set to run 24 hours a day, the room is a space for well… everything and everyone.

The @BitsTODAY team hopped into the room earlier this evening and we were blown away by the amount of committed clouters who were sharing respectful, thoughtful and above all fun, conversation. Think it’d all be puns and jokes from the room title? We were impressed that much of the discussion actually focused on heavy-hitters like problems with BitClout’s current verification process, rug pulls, and a case study from @RajLahoti on why NOT to copy and paste your seed phrase. What we enjoyed most? Good ol’-fashioned community building and seeing some of the beautiful faces behind creator accounts on the platform. @AlecUdell summed up the vision and impact here succinctly for us:

Well said Alec. Side note: anyone have a final count on how many Udells are on BitClout now?

Major props to the team behind this, including @agustinolmedo, who noted he’s been on these zooms for more than 6 hours a day.

What’s great about it in the words of the founders? “It’s completely global,” notes @clayperrymusic:

“The key part is that everyone gets to experience this… the experiment for me is does this get old, at some point? I don’t know the answer yet… it hasn’t gotten old to me yet.”

For now, the team noted any founder rewards from the @NachoAverage account will fund more licenses so the room can operate seamlessly 24/7. That’s commitment to the community right there. We’ll see you all back in the room tomorrow, yeah?

There were too many creators on the call with us to shoutout individually… Sike! You know we gotta name drop one time for the culture. @zopel hooked us up with a nice list of who was on the call while we were in the room. Shoutout to all our new friends:

@ClayPerryMusic @AgustinOlmedo @zopel @alecudell @nirvanahtc @jasonkouray @alexparillo @tomaspank @idesofmarch @rnovoa @cloutedmemes @scottjohnson @100 @camk @tetono @tigerboy @yigitcakar @matthewrolnick @korbin @maverick @salilsethi @marnimelrose @alecudell @williamlaurent @tysonflows @nagle @rajlahoti @longnguyen and @vaivana

#5 The Cloutifieds: @BitsTODAY content contest

It’s okay to admit it. We promise we won’t tell.

Your #1 BitClout dream? Get a 6-carat 💎 ring from @maebeam — same here.

#2? We guessed it, write for @BitsTODAY. Good news, this might be your lucky week. We’re excited to announce our first clout-contest for contributions to @BitsTODAY.

The name of the game? Submit your best blurb to @nvo and the @BitsTODAY team. The content? Anything under the sun in the clout-iverse. Want to pitch a key UX update to @diamondhands? We can amplify that. Want to create a sonnet ragging on @ASG? Great. Looking to pitch your own project? Transparently, the product-a-thon prize is bigger than ours, but sure.

The specifics?

The winning post will run in our weekly Friday Happy Hour edition. Maybe toss in a 🍻 pun for the content gods to smile down upon you. @nvo and team can’t wait to read your creative submissions. Ready. Set…Get writing ✍️✍️✍️

That’s a wrap for us tonight gang. As always, we appreciate you for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed this edition. And we’re STOKED to read your contributions to @BitsTODAY 👀👀👀. Beyond contributions, got feedback for our team? We’d love to have that too, get in touch ✌️ .

Sending love,




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