029. Weekend $BitClout round up

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Howdy folks,

It’s been another great, jam-packed week throughout the clout-iverse. Before we dive into our weekend round-up, we’d like you to help us amplify an important message…

Not to put you on blast too much, but @Maebeam, you did say you were going to announce the winner of your TikTok challenge by May 13th… and some of us are highly invested in the outcome here (as well as watching a full-compilation of all submissions, plz.)

Maeyoncé really left ASG on “read” and he doesn’t think he is ever going to recover from this.

Want to see who @Maebeam’s gonna pick? Let’s get her attention: Let her know you wanna see her announcement in @BitsTODAY tomorrow ;). Go on, we won’t stop you. In fact, anyone who posts about it and tags both Maebeam and BitsTODAY gets some 💎s!

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Today’s Clout Covered:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers presented by @bitcloutsignal
  2. Ubiquitous UX Drops: Diamond Disambiguation 💎💎💎
  3. Bitclout: What’s my coin really worth?
  4. ¡¿Miami?!: @BitsTODAY plots a bachelor trip 🏖
  5. Sunday Scaries: Let’s keep it rolling

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: Diamond Disambiguation 💎💎💎

How was your weekend, folks? Unlike some past weekends, this hasn’t (yet) been disrupted by any massive UX drops from our BitClout overlords. Our spidey-senses are tingling though — the weather vane’s are spinning, the whales are migrating — it seems like a big storm is brewing. Between a lack of major drops and small, intermittent outages (images went out again briefly and notifications have been glitchy), we wonder whether there’s a wave of new toys headed our way. Plus, there currently isn’t a @diamondhands post pinned to global… maybe there’ll be a new one pinned up there soon??? This week could be a big one 👀👀👀.

For now, we do have visibility into one update that’s probs coming down the pike ASAP. While running his own node, @mubashariqbal discovered what looks to be an upcoming 💧 from our BitClout overlords that will let you quickly glance not only at what diamonds a creator has received, but also to whom they’ve sent them.

@nagke’s “given” list will probably break the entire blockchain tbh.

While it’ll be pretty nifty to see more of the diamond flow across the platform, and it’s always cool to see new functionality drop, we did notice a number of users who more or less rolled-their eyes a bit or even groaned at this drop, making it clear that there’s a lot of other, in their view more critical functionality that they’d like to see prioritized. Maybe their appetite will be sated this coming week?

#3 Bitclout: What’s my coin really worth?

It kinda doesn’t add up but also I’ve always sucked at math so I’m sure everything is fine.

Even as Bitcoin continues to slide below $50k, yesterday morning, clouters woke up to an ‘official’ BitClout price that was holding up quite well. As we saw above with @Game7’s post, many clouters were a bit confused but also, of course, encouraged to see this and wondered whether it signaled renewed demand specifically for the BitClout currency.

The actual reason why the BitClout price went up is more opaque and less bullish. No, it wasn’t demand imbalances that sent the price higher. In fact, the core team has just been iteratively adjusting the Bitcoin price to which the official BitClout price is tied, as notes @tijn:

Is @tijn really just a @diamonhands burner account that they use to field support questions? Probably tbh.

We thought this was a bit curious. Why continuously adjust the Bitcoin reference price? Sure, you can make a case that a higher ‘official’ BitClout price makes users feel better… but news-flash: the ‘official’ rate doesn’t matter that much. Sorry to break it to ya. A more ‘economic’ rate is the one you can actually transact at an exchange (whether OTC or ideally, in the future, a DEX). Currently? That rate has hovered around $100 per BitClout, though it’s also contingent on the size of the trade you may be trying to execute.

The bad news? That’s well below the official rate on Bitclout.com.

The good news? The OTC price has been pretty stable, despite big drawdowns in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the past few weeks.

The net net? We think it’s a bit silly that the price is being adjusted as much as it is. We’d likely do better not to let new users (nor the uninitiated, experienced users) pay too much attention to it. We think users would be much better served paying attention to the rate they can actually exchange their BitClout at, as opposed to the one shown currently on Bitclout.com. Even if it means writing down the ‘official’ price of their creator coin by 30–40% from what’s currently shown in their wallets on Bitclout.com.

Are there other benefits to this besides keeping up appearances? Maybe. Let us know!

For more on how the official BitClout price is set, you can read here, courtesy of @BitSwap.

#4 ¡¿Miami?!: The @BitsTODAY boys plot a trip 🏖 🛥 ☀️

Spending 7.5 hours a day on BitClout not exciting enough for you? Need a lifeline to keep you going for a few weeks? And a reason to visit one of the hottest destinations in crypto and the world in June? Bienvenidos a ¡Miami!

Your prayers have been answered. BitClout is officially taking Miami by storm in early June. Because we couldn’t let the Bitcoin maximalists have all the fun with their early-June conference. Our calendar is already filling up with parties for BitClout believers. Take for instance the “Clout & Cocktails” event happening on June 3rd (more info here). Hosted and organized by @cloutcon, @BitClout500, and more, there’s already a dirty laundry list of verified clout legends who’ve RSVP’d — you joining or what?


Better yet, @BitsTODAY is proud to announce our official sponsorship of the event. That’s right, we’re giving this one the offish @BitsTODAY seal of approval. 💯💯💯

🎶 All night, on the beach till the break of dawn.. I’m goin to Miami.

In case you needed one more reason to turn up in Miami in early June, the @BitsTODAY boys are plotting a trip of our own out to take part in the festivities. We can’t promise 100% that we’ll all be there — @dripcult is getting married soon, @ASG has two kids and is generally an old crank (confirmed 45 years olds) (Editors note: So rude. I am not 45), @nvo is the only one who’s ready to ride and down for anything ;) — BUT, never say never 😉🍾🍾🍾.

Would y’all like to see us out there? Where should we stay? Did someone say yacht party? @highkey, can we count on y’all to set that up?

#5 Sunday Scaries: Let’s keep it rolling

Uh oh. We can tell. You’ve got those Sunday scaries. Same here.

Unfortunately, we can’t bend time and space and prevent Monday from coming for you. We can provide a distraction however, even beyond this @BitsTODAY issue. Here are a few more great options for more content and convo surrounding BitClout. We’ll let these take the baton from us.

@thepennytrader we are heading over to Nachoaverage.com and get Jalapeño your business.

For one, we highly recommend you join @ThePennyTrader in the @NachoAverage Zoom room call. @ThePennyTrader is endeavoring to complete the vaunted nacho gauntlet, namely spending 24 hours straight in the never-ending zoom room. We’re sure they could use your support 💪💪. Who’s gonna step up as #1 water-boy. @cleb? Here’s a link to join the call.

Which communities do the STD coins fall under? Asking for a friend.

After you show up for @ThePennyTrader, we also recommend you hop in the new @Cloutted discord too. Given @Cloutted are the geniuses behind hashtagging on BitClout, we’re confident there’s good conversation and community being stimulated in their discord, too.

That concludes our @BitsTODAY weekend round-up. We hope you enjoyed and that you were able to jam with us in our weekly Clubhouse session earlier too (every Sunday, don’t sleep). If you missed it? No sweat, it’ll be on Spotify in short-order too (if @drtymlk doesn’t slack off.) You can catch our older episodes here.

Sleep tight, and don’t let the ruggers bite,


BitsTODAY, a nightly digest of far-out experiments, sick posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of DeSo & BitClout… rn.