030. Views from the 25,000th block.

Today’s edition cover design was provided courtesy of @rubro

Heyo team,

Wow, we can’t believe we’re already on @BitsTODAY issue #030. Could we have timed this to align better with another major milestone, namely Bitclout blockchain block #25,000? Probably. But that would have required us to slow our content roll. We won’t apologize for being ahead. GO MODE!

Bitclout Block Party LFG

In any case, here’s to another 30,000 issues of @BitsTODAY. We appreciate you for being here — let’s dive right in 🐋 (*queues DJ Khaled voice: “#anotherone”*).

Guest cover design by @rubro


Today’s Clout Covered:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers presented by @bitcloutsignal
  2. Ubiquitous UX Drops: Sliding into them DMs
  3. @021 Savage: Issa 🐳🐳🐳
  4. Heads or tains?: The latest in coin evolution
  5. The Cloutifieds: @Prosperclout saves the day(s)

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: Sliding into them DMs

@bluepartyhat in the houseeee. We woke up this fine Monday morning to not one, but two slick new UX drops from the core Bitclout squad. They included new functionality for better disambiguation, both around diamonds and ways to slice and dice the DMs in our inbox.

Oh so Maebeam can sort her inbox a bunch of different ways while ignoring ASG’s messages. Nice.

Inundated by DMs from spam accounts and people begging you to buy their coin? You’ll now be able to filter your DMs by coin price and respond to folks who are actually adding value on the platform first before you shut them other suckers down.

But there are other use cases here, too. Want to make sure you’re on top of your investor relations? You can sort your DMs to privilege creators who have sizable positions in your coin. No more ghosting 🐳s on accident, only to wake up in a cold sweat at 3am… (*did I forget to respond to @artz???*)

As notes @bluepartyhat, ideally there’ll be second-order effects from upgrading DMs too. Want to make sure @nvo reads your content submissions for @BitsTODAY before anyone else’s? Buy his coin — you’ll pop up higher in his inbox.

In other news, the diamond functionality we first covered over the weekend (thanks to @mubashariqbal and his node work, we knew it was coming), has been shipped. This lets you see both to whom creators have sent diamonds as well as from whom they’ve received them.

Bling Bling

Perfect! Now we can quantify just how desperately @ASG has flooded @Maebeam with diamonds 😬😬😬 without diving deep into the blockchain. These 2x drops in one day follow a slower weekend. Nor does it look like the devs are done for the week… @Maebeam is out here teasing us instead of responding to @ASG, even after all those diamonds. Hold on tight folks:

“Dear Slim-beam, I wrote you but you still ain’t callin’
I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom”

#3 @021 Savage: Issa 🐳🐳🐳

Alright. Whomst the f*ck is @021?

What we do know? @021 is the latest creator to rocket out of nowhere and ege close to the top #10 creator list in terms of coin price. Is this new 🐳 on here to stay?

The hardcore sleuths over at @signalclout did some investigating, and it looks like @021 was early to the scene, purchasing ~7,000 bitclout when the coin cost but a mere ~$9. Now, that bitclout has been funneled into the @021 creator coin, with a market value north of $3M and good for a coin price of $17,000+. That’s straight up savage-status belief in yourself.

🎶 I got 1–2–3–4–5–6–7–8 clouts in my bank account

Given that OG price point that @021 was able to buy Bitclout at, we can safely conclude that whoever is behind the account has been around much longer than most of us have, and had access to Bitclout.com well before the password came down and let the masses in.

So far, @021 isn’t playing any @Da5id-esque games to gamify their way into the top 10 coin holders. There are only a few posts on the page, all of which sound like the musings of a… reasonable and engaged creator? We’re +1’ing that top comment about locking creator coin.

*Looks for hints of seed phrase*

We are super curious to hear your theories as to who this power user is. The silhouette in the profile pic looks a tad like a warped version of Jack Dorsey’s profile pic on Twitter. But we doubt that’s him … unless he’s doing his competitor research live. …Or plotting an acquisition? *things intensify*

Comment your thoughts in the posts for this issue 👇👇👇, we’d love to know who y’all think this might be 🤔.

#4 Head or tails?: The latest in coin evolution

Already over the initial high of having your own creator coin? Need something novel and flashy to get yourself stoked again? Well, luckily for all of us, there’s no lack of stunning, 3D animated coins catching 👀👀👀s across Bitclout.

We may be a wee-bit biased here at @BitsTODAY, but @71CoinsClub is taking the concept of getting a coin to a whole ‘nother level. Just take a look at the animated immortalization of our team they took whipped up for us.

It’s the details for me.

As the club’s name suggests, @71CoinsClub will be capping the total number of coins released at 71 — each with their own design, materials, and look. Created by @neverwelcome, there’s still 64 slots open if you want to cop a coin of your own and to join the club (#membersonly).

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a nod to another OG in the coin space, namely @bitcloutcoinmaster. In many ways, @bitcloutcoinmaster established the gold standard of artistic coins on Bitclout; their whitepaper laid ‘purity’ rules if you will when ‘minting’ new coins:

  • the Coin always has the same dimension and framing
  • the Coin always rotates around the same pivot
  • the Coin always has graphic element and circular text
  • the Coin always has the side inscription: “in BitClout we trust — Creator Coin — All hail the magnificent creator”

What’s next up for @bitcloutcoinmaster? Entering the fray that is the universe of @da5id, that’s what. To turn the mystery surrounding @da5id into a positive for the community, @bitcloutcoinmaster is auctioning off their @da5id coin NFT (see auction here), with all proceeds going to @benorloff’s @altruism fund.

*Buys Da5id coin. Bloodline gets cursed for eternity*

This coin is certified badass, if not a bit hair-raising even (*gets goosebumps*). Bidding for the @da5id coin will start at 0.1 WETH. Form an orderly queue, ladies and gentleman.

#5 The Cloutifieds: @Prosperclout saves the day(s)

There’s been no shortage of calls for better ways to weed out rug artisans and scam artists on Bitclout as of late. At this point, we’re sure the volume of rug pull $$$ netted by scammers is well into the 7-figure range. Fortunately, @Prosperclout is on a mission to provide clouters with more tools to analyze creator coins, make more sound investment decisions, and evaluate their own coin’s performance, too.

Built by @salilsethi (mentioned not once but twice in this issue, *tips cap*), @ProsperClout recently launched all new functionality, including best-in-class tools to analyze creator coin and account activity for all users on BitClout. For example? Here’s a quick glance at the dash for @nvo’s creator coin (📉📉📉).

All I see is value.

Don’t take it all from us though; here are a few words from the team over at @ProsperClout themselves:

Meet the all new @ProsperClout.

You’ll now be able to analyse BitClout accounts like never before. Meaning you can feel more confident in your investments and reduce your exposure to bad actors.

Discover username changes, latest trades, coin holders by account type (verified, whales, anonymous accounts) and so much more. Check it out today: prosperclout.com

We especially love the ability to track username changes — that’s a key in preventing scam artists from skipping from username to username, refreshing their credibility with unsuspecting community members each time.

Oh and while you’re on Prosperclout’s new website, make sure to check out their “heroes” page, dedicated to Bitclout community members who made significant contributions to ProsperClout and BitClout overall. 💪 stronger together 💪

In closing, thanks to everyone who has supported us so far as we’ve plowed through 30 issues of @BitsTODAY, four podcasts (see here), a few special issues, and much more. We sincerely appreciate every one of you, our readers, listeners, evangelists, and our wonderful contributors too, especially @alinaferry, @nigeleccles, @scottco and @drtymlk who have stuck with us for months now.

Lastly, shoutout to @cloutcastunpaidintern who is running around like crazy hitting the equivalent of intern coffee runs for Bitclout, and hooking us up with more ammo to invest in creators 😂. If you haven’t peeped @clout_cast yet, hop to it and secure the 💰.

Much love,