031. Countdown to “Deflation Bomb.”

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Good evening, captains,

HODL gang still alive out here? We know Bitcoin, ETH, and your favorite alts and shitcoins have been getting hammered. We feel your pain and we’re right there with you. Fortunately, the highs of seeing Bitclout go open-source yesterday and new legends coming online is helping carry us through. Plus, we’ve got a 🐪🐪🐪 day issue complete with more UX drops, up & coming creators and much for you.

Shall we get started?🐋

Guest cover design by @AbhayC

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers presented by @bitcloutsignal
  2. Ubiquitous UX Drops: DEFLATION 💣
  3. Up & Coming Creators: Getting you over the 🐪
  4. Taking a trip off platform? Get your @cloutpassport to gainz town
  5. Clout Controversy: Where are we headed?

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: DEFLATION 💣

It almost feels … weird to write about UX drops after yesterday’s tidal wave 🌊🌊.

Now that we’re open-sourced (and that they quickly patched the 30 minute clout-pocalypse yesterday), you’d think the Bitclout devs would take a little break. @Maebeam, see you at the pool in Miami, yeah?

Well, while we do hope to see @Mae pool-side 🌴☀️, it doesn’t look like the Bitclout core buidlrs are slowing their roll. Surprise surprise. Nor do the indie devs on Bitclout.com ever stop sleuthing out what might be coming down the pike, especially now that the code is fully open-sourced:

For a little ELI5, if and when this “Deflation Bomb” that @Neurally and @cdd reference goes off, you’ll no longer be able to buy Bitclout through the Bitcoin exchange window on Bitclout.com we’ve gotten used to. (Honestly, good riddance… those fees tho.)

There’s little to no chance the Bitclout team would ‘destroy’ this option in the absence of (i) new ways to ‘mine’ Bitclout and (ii) Bitclout being listed and live on a number of exchanges. If they did, the supply of Bitclout would stagnate and new users wouldn’t be able to acquire any.

@diamondhands already noted that we should expect mining instructions to come soon ⛏️💎.

So does this mean exchange-listing is coming sooner than we think? Perhaps, but @diamondhands and co. may also just be prepping this bomb to go off at a much later date; they haven’t yet specified the block when it’s going to blow 💥.

@Neurally notes the timing here overall tracks with the open-source drop yesterday. Exchanges want to see the source code behind projects before they list them → the Bitclout code is now open → the exchanges can start reviewing → ideally Bitclout gets listed soon. As we noted yesterday, this underscores the fact that open-source was far from the end of the drops; if anything, the flood-gates are open and the 💦💦💦 will be fast and furious. And that will be a key driver for Bitclout’s broader adoption and growth trajectory.

#3 Up & Comers: Getting you over the 🐪

That time of week again folks 🐪🐪🐪. Eyes glazed over from all the nerd coder mambo jumbo from the past day? We got you. Here are some up & coming creators to diversify your content consumption with art, music, and dope vibes in general:

  • @bitpaint: We think @bitpaint is undervaluing themself with a bio that says, “A history of mediocrity: Everyday oil paintings.” These oil canvases might be the subject of everyday life, but we sure as hell can’t paint like this 🎨🎨🎨. Do yourself a favor and scroll through the @bitpaint feed to see these killer works of everyday life in oil.

@aaraalto: These animated sketches from @aaraalto bring a refreshingly fun charm to BitClout. It looks like they have just joined the platform, but they have already started loading up their feed with these mind-expanding drops and we hope it’s the start of a beautiful love affair with Bitclout. Keep your eyes on @aaraalto and your mind open, these cats could be a fan favorite in no time.

@64mag: Looking for some simply great vibes and visuals to fill your feed? The curated pictures and art that @64mag is steadily blessing us with is exactly what we needed today to remember there’s more to life than watching our ETH holdings get annihilated (*flagellates self*). Focused on fashion, cinema, and photography, you can really find everything under the clout-iverse sun on their feed — most importantly, in the words of @ASG, it all slaps.

#4 Taking a trip off platform? Get your @cloutpassport to gainz town

One of the newest projects on the block, @cloutpassport, is here to help creators monetize Bitclout beyond their creator coin. Built by @sabby and @felpsio, @cloutpassport makes it easy for creators to authenticate which of their investors has access to exclusive content.

We can tell you lots more about it, but for an inside look at how this actually plays out, @sabby’s already got you covered with a handy walk-through of how to get started. Pop on over to this post to watch.

Digging deeper, the power of @cloutpassport lies in how it can help creators seamlessly authenticate whether another user meets investment criteria in order to get access to premium or special content or features of a project. Of course… it’s still up to you to create something worth owning coin for and to figure out how you want to deliver it to your investors. But from there, @cloutpassport can help automate membership, approvals, etc. No more 300 pound bouncers needed at your clout club.

We won’t spill too many beans over here, but we at @BitsTODAY are QUITE thankful for this new tool and will be using it in short order 👀👀👀

#5 Clout Controversy: Where are we headed?

Buried amidst the big brouhaha surrounding the full open-source code release yesterday, we’ve seen strong conversation and debate about where we’re headed from here, especially with respect to nodes. Will we all start parallel nodes instead of Bitclout.com regularly? Are we destined to travel a multi-verse soon, expanding well beyond our current nook in the Bitclout.com clout-iverse ✨?

Luckily for us, there’s folks who are a lot sharper re: nodes, development, and everything in between already on Bitclout.com. Here are a few select (and also contrasting) takes that we curated for your consideration.

For one, @mubasharibal thinks we’ll also still spend a lot of time on Bitclout.com at least in the near-term future:

This take contrasts heavily with a lot of other folks’ opinion however. There’s a lot of dev-savvy creators who believe that we’ll pretty quickly get to a place where there are a LOT of nodes running and a LOT of creators using them. @HPaulson is in this camp:

We recognize that part of the differences in opinion here likely stems from the time frame in question. Are we talking about the next few days, weeks, months… years? Seems like a ripe topicfor a Clubhouse and @BitsTODAY podcast 🤔🤔🤔. What do y’all think?

For now it suffices to say that this is a space we’re keenly attuned. Coming from an editor surfing the galaxy on tijn.club, we’re waiting for y’all to join us in inter-node exploration 🚀

Overall, not the craziest day on the clout. And that’s OK. We’ll rest up, nurse our wounds from yesterday’s battle, and reload our wallets to splash emerging creators again tomorrow.

Onwards and upwards,

@BitsTODAY (LFG 📈).

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