034. Mining BitClout: “There’s gold in them thar hills.”


Diamondhands’ drops 💎

Livestream of @memes and @huntsauce hard at work underground
My hands look like this ⛏ so Maebeam’s hands can look like this 💅🏻
Cha ching! Looks like they hit the gold mine! (I know I’m sorry but it was RIGHT THERE.)
*Helmet not required for mining BitClout, James just doesn’t want to risk it.
@highkey is low key screaming about BitClout from the rooftops and we are high key here for it.. on the low.

HighKey believes the appeal of BitClout comes from the power it places back into influencers’ hands. “At any point in time, [a social media platform] has the full right to censor, shadowban, or fully disable your account,” they say. “This is where the decentralized component of BitClout comes into play. Every creator on the platform has ownership of their own ‘creator coin,’ and any money directly invested into themselves is not only retained but helps build their brand and attract other investors.”

I would @highkey die for Doodles.
Look! Someone did a doodle of Doodles (thanks I’ll be here all night 🎤)



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