092. Moon markets and coin contests.

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Hoe gaat het? & hello from Amsterdam, where @nvo and @dripcult are currently posted up 👋. If you’re in the area, come kick it with us. On the 13th in particular we’ll be gettin’ a crew of DeSo x NFT folks together to hang 🤙.

Not in Nederland? Well, you’ve always got this issue of @BitsTODAY to fall back on. We’ll have another busy week ahead — let’s dive in & catch up 🤿

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Today’s numbers from @designal and @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: speculation on another *big* week ahead 🎰
  3. Moon markets 🌙: @spookies szn is gettin’ scary, FAST 👻🥵📈
  4. The cloutifieds: announcing the winner of the DeSo coin contest 🏆
  5. Project in focus: @SavingTheSurvivors thrives w/ community support 🤝

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout️

Been a minute since we heard from @designal and @bithunt, huh? Well, to be fair, @jckly has been busy with @spookies. Still, let’s have the gang show us what’s been shaking in the world of creator coins and community projects 👀:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: speculation on another *big* week ahead 🎰

What went down last week on the UX side of DeSo? Blockchain.com, that’s for one. Mid last week, DeSo degens got a scare (+ a huge buying opportunity) when the price for DeSo on bitclout.com suddenly flashed $50 instead of ~$150 which it had shown for the majority of the week before that 📉.

While some enterprising legends were able to get buy orders filled at $50 , @nader and co quickly jumped in to remedy the price discrepancy ❌.

@maebeam got jokes

Their solution? Manually peg the price back at $150 for the short-term while they and blockchain.com resolved the issue. Solid reminder that we’re a long way from ‘decentralized’ as far as places like bitclout.com are concerned. But we get that they couldn’t let all of us fill our bags at $50 for hours in what could have become the arbitrage of the century 😂. Carry on!

Of course, while actual UX 💦 may have been slim, as the budding marketer and hype man that he is, @nader didn’t let a week of relatively minimal UX news damper DeSo’s momentum. He spent the majority of last week teasing yet another ‘big announcement’ to come this week. While last week’s big news pertained to the $50 DeSo fund for developers and project teams, we anticipate this week’s release may involve the new referral program, as well as perhaps some other components as well.

PS — we love what you’ve done with the place

Why? Referrals are already almost fully integrated from a tech perspective. Last thing that’s needed is pretty much just to push em’ live! 🔜

don’t take it from us, take it from the breaking news boys of BitClout… @Krassenstein

Maybe referrals will be pared with the much awaited arrival of a new frontend design for bitclout.com? Let’s watch ➡️➡️➡️.

#3 Moon markets 🌙: @spookies szn is gettin’ scary, FAST 👻🥵📈

ICYMI because you’ve been spooked and hiding from ghosts all weekend, @spookies are all the rage on bitclout.com now. @spookies sold out fast after a hype launch last week, and integrate a lot of cutting edge features. Prices for NFTs on DeSo has been skyrocketing 🤯, making for a perfect spooky szn storm ⛈️. Let’s take stock of the action from the weekend, shall we? 👇

What was the spark that launched @spookies into the stratosphere? Well, a MASSIVE sale for a different NFT project probably helped. After a fierce bidding war w/ none other than @LazyNina, @maebeam won an auction for a 1/1 @cloutpunk x @desomon NFT 😤💸💎. The winning bid? 325 $DESO … north of $40,000 as of this writing. Talk about moon markets 🌕.

we call this one ‘the all seeing eye’

This sale was a healthy dose of ⛽ on the 🔥 that NFTs on DeSo were already starting to burn. And it was perfect timing for @spookies, who were just getting ready for mint time when this was all going down 🍀. Four days later? Every 5th picture in your feeds is probably a spooky.

So… what’s so special about @spookies (besides for the fact that they look dope). For one, they were created generatively, i.e. the art wasn’t pre-set before it was minted (shoutout @mubashariqbal for pioneering this on DeSo). Further? The @spookies have unique traits, which, like projects on Ethereum, are actually captured and cataloged. @paulburke walked folks through how this was executed in the case of @spookies the other day:

🤫 Whisper the two words she wants to hear in her ear: *on chain* 🤫

Integrating traits formally also allows for @spookies to be evaluated for their rarity, which is part of the allure of many collections that were minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Curious to see how rare your spooky is? Beyond the IPFS data, you can also check all the @spookies’ traits on their website 🔎:

brb, gonna go pick out the ones we want to shop for when xmas comes around 🛒🛍️

What’s another major reason behind the success of any avatar / pfp style NFT project? Community 🤝. And community is poppin’ up around @spookies left and right. Not just from a macro perspective either; subgroups of @spookies are now organizing around traits that their specific NFTs have in common. One example? @GhostGang is a private community ONLY available to folks who own the rare @spookies with a white body color 🔒.

damn we wouldn’t want to f w/ @GhostGang fr fr

Where are @spookies headed from here? Well, they’ve already crossed the 5 figure high watermark (USD terms) and 3 figure mark (DeSo terms) on the secondary market. @PickleJoe — you’re an absolute madman 🥒💪:

We can’t wait to see all the absurdity surrounding @spookies heat up even more as Halloween approaches. In parallel? There’s lots more projects out there catching our eye. One of them? Well… @luckyapes look pretty rad 💥

#4 The cloutifieds: announcing the winner of the DeSo coin contest 🏆

Well, it is the moment you all have been waiting for. the moment we announce the winner of the @BitsTODAY x @fastfreddie #DeSocoincontest! But before we do, let’s do a quick recap of what’s at stake here, shall we? The winner not only gets 15 DeSo ($2,000), but their coin becomes the official DeSo coin to be used in DeSo Foundation marketing and PR. you also get a kiss on the cheek from a core team member of your choosing (we suggest @redpartyhat)

After much deliberation (SO MUCH), the judges have chosen… @bitcloutcoinmaster! CONGRATS LEGEND 🍻 @fastfreddie will be contacting you for your prize in the next 24 hours.


To say it was close is an understatement — judges had a 50/50 split vote on the final 2!

🍻 Shoutout to the finalists @Cansy @BitPig @BitCloutCoinMaster @IRM @simak_ilya @WORLDWATCHER @cloutis @oulmouman @SidShady @IZY

👏🏼 AND A BIG THANKS TO OUR JUDGES for sticking it out with us until we found a winner! @cloutviz @100 @jckly @wendyleigh @ClayPerryMusic @maz @Designsta @Krassenstein @AnnaNatter @LisaMariette @shubhang @Jahnavi @Doodles @illuMEMEnati @Fungibles @charlie @HPaulson

#5 Project in focus: @SavingTheSurvivors thrives w/ support 🤝

One of the things we’ve long been most excited about as far as social tokens are concerned? Philanthropic models certainly come to mind While they don’t always get as much hype as new celebs’ coins, we’re happy to report that philanthropy and giving are live and well on DeSo and bitclout.com. One prime example? @SavingTheSurvivors! Don’t take it purely from us though, we’re turning the mic over to @rhubarb for the rest of this section 🎙️️️ ➡️

Saving the Survivors, a registered 501c3 and UK charity, was founded in 2012 by Dr. Johan Marais to attend to injured, endangered wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents. Most of their efforts have been directed at rhinos ️ due to the vicious attacks that many of them have fallen victim to 🦏 ❤. Lisa (@wildography) is an official ambassador of Saving the Survivors and has been a fantastic member of the bitclout.com community for nearly 200 days now.

I’ve watched her engage readily on bitclout.com, in clubhouse rooms, on the @nachoaveragecall, etc., without finding a super effective way of concretely supporting the charity / @savingthesurvivors. After brainstorming, @clayperrymusic, @wendyleigh and I donated $DESO to sponsor a tracking collar for a lioness that would have been killed after she destroyed local livestock. She has since birthed four cubs and has been kept safe by the conservation group’s efforts… which is pretty amazing 🦁✨.

Based on this experience, more artists (@lanedigitalart @FUCKEDUPCATS, @desoghost, @Bleep, to name a few) have collaborated with Lisa to create NFTs as fundraising efforts. This has been supercharged the impact… and it’s been a ton of fun, too 🔝!

NFTs x philanthropy = a match made in heaven 😇

Personally, after my @cloutpunk G Lioness sold for 14 $DESO last week, I decided to commit my next auction to benefit @SavingTheSurvivors. I chose to auction another matching Lion @cloutpunk given the content seemed fitting 🦁. I opened the auction with a minimum bid of 10 $DESO. Before I knew it, the NFT had a bid for 12 $DESO from @altcoinUSA. The auction closed with a bid of 17.34 $DESO from @cloutpunkg_collection 💰✔️.

it’s a pixelated world and we’re just living in it!

To ensure the maximum value would flow through to the @SavingTheSurvivors, @cloutpunk couldn’t have been more supportive; they graciously sent along the royalties they received from the auction too. I couldn’t be happier with the result of the auction or the community response.


Other artists efforts to support @SavingTheSurvivors have been equally successful; Meredith Marsone’s @SavingTheSurvivors x @Bleep drop for one raised north of 10 $DESO. The main takeaway? NFTs are a fantastic way to galvanize action on DeSo. Ideally, other great options to drive impact will present themselves in the future too. For now, we’re thrilled to help @SavingTheSurvivors and are so glad @wildography is on DeSo with us!

Lots more we couldn’t cover in one issue out there! That’s all for now. C y’all again soon — can’t wait to see what DeSo has in store for us this week 🆙