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9 min readJul 10, 2021

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Gang gang,

We know. It’s been a hard day HODLING the line at ~$100 for $clout. We refuse to see double digits! All drinks are on @BitsTODAY tonight for your valiant service in this important battle ⚔️. Same goes for our coverage of the latest news and hot ‘gos on BitClout. That’s still free too, as it’s always been.

ICYMI, tonight’s drink special is still the hearty dose of reality @dripcult is serving in our latest special edition from last night. Give it a taste 💪.

Guest cover design by @WilliamLaurent currently judging on @ArtTank and co-founder of @galleria.


Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @bitcloutsignal and @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: (C)ocktails (i)n (p)rocess 🍸
  3. International ‘clout: Instant nodles 🍜
  4. Project Focus: @Prosperclout reveals your fav drinking budd-ees 🍻
  5. F.N.H.H op-eds: 💎s are a creator’s best friend 🍻

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Ok ok, while there’s still a lick of sobriety in this joint, let’s explore today’s movers and shakers, brought to you by @bitcloutsignal:

Next up, while we shake your cocktails, here’s a round (😉) of news from the project sphere on BitClout, presented by our partners at @bithunt:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: (C)ocktails (i)n (p)rocess 🍸

@Maebeam may be a bit late to the party. Like … a month late. But hey, better late than never. Welcome, Maemae, what’re you having? Mae-jito? 🍹

For context, for weeks now we’ve been asking … Wen CIP?

@Maebeam first started marking herself as the assignee with the job of setting up a repository for “clout improvement proposals” more than a month ago; as early as edition 042 we noted she has missed a few self-set deadlines.

Similar to NFTs, we reckon that the dev team allowed themselves more time to source feedback from a select group of community members on this one. Regardless of what happened behind closed doors, the CIP repo is now live!

Drinks on @maebeam tonite amiright??

What’s the net net here? @Maebeam’s post lays it out pretty succinctly. Here’s additional description of the function the repo serves on the CIP board:

“The CIPs repo allows developers to submit proposals for major features to get feedback and buy-in from the community prior to submitting code for review.

BitClout is not a company, and it doesn’t have a board or CEO. Instead, it has a committed developer community that collaborates via this repo.”

The dev team has already gotten more and more responsive and proactive in terms of taking community input, approving peoples’ pull requests and integrating proposals in recent weeks. What the early days of this CIP repo should offer is way for our community to more seamlessly organize around proposals deemed urgent and important, which in turn will help the ‘core’ team prioritize and filter. Remember, longer-term, there shouldn’t be a ‘core’ team gatekeeping proposals either; if the community votes in favor of a proposal, there will come a day where devs will then be free to build it without outside approval (we assume and hope).

As notes @mubashariqbal, as of yet, things are “… a bit chaotic… so many issues/discussions, and not really organized (core, backend, fronted, all, etc.) so hard to get thru them all.” As with all things BitClout, it’s a WIP, and it’s up to us to recommend improvements, even to the repository for improvement recommendations … (#meta). And still, despite some good chaos, as with all things @mubashariqbal, one of his proposals already got approved 🎉!


In sum? Small step for mae-kind, big ol’ step for decentralization 🌙.

#3 International ‘clout: Instant nodles 🍜

What’s the best way to practice those foreign language skills you haven’t used since your summer aboard sophomore year of college? Get in with a few native speakers, knock back a few 🍺s and just go for it.

Of course, if you’re looking to hone your Spanish or Russian, there’s no need to hop off BitClout either. This week, we saw a few new nodes for international BitClout communities go live. The first one? @RuCloutru, created by @alisher and @nikmcfly:

Давайте выпьем за успех нашего дела

Of course, this isn’t just exciting for global communities and for native speakers looking to connect with other kindred creators. It’s an important step forward in terms of BitClout accessibility for non-English speakers across the world (all 6.5B+ of them).

Meanwhile, with dedicated devs like @tijn introducing ways for non-devs to spin up their own frontends for BitClout, anyone can go pop up a new international page (or a page for any other community, for that matter):

Anyone order instant nodles 🍜?

And for those of us who are English speakers? We reckon if you ask nicely, new international nodes will let you come practice your Spanish (or any other language). For instance, ditch your Duolingo and go hang out on bitcloutespañol.com. Sorry, scary Duolingo owl 🦉.

Ojala que obtenemos un nuevo editor para @BitsTODAY en español pronto

#4 Project Focus: @Prosperclout reveals your fav drinking budd-ees 🍻

Now that many folks are hitting their 100 day clout-iversaries on BitClout, another fun question to ask ourselves is … who do we kick it with most out here? One way to visualize propinquity with other creators is by charting transaction flows, e.g. with the networks @Neurally presented in our latest Big Brain edition (check it out here).

Another new way to evaluate with which creators you spend time and have stuff in common? Thanks to @prosperclout, creators can now explore which other creators they’re most frequently tagged in posts with.

ain’t nobody fu**in with @nvo’s clique 😤

While this functionality sparked a lot of joy, it comes amidst a deeper push from @prosperclout to increase the arsenal of analytical weapons creators have to evaluate investments, content strategies, and identify partnership (and drinking buddy) opportunities.

em-bee = drinking budd-ee 🍻

Nor is @salilsethi, founder of @prosperclout, alone in his push deeper into clout analytics. He continues to team up with BC OG, @maz, and his show, the @cloutroom, to bring content that elaborates on how to use @prosperclout to the masses in an informative way. If you haven’t yet, scope their latest vid on diamond transactions. Not just because they’re the homies and because we’ve been writing about diamonds a lot (and more of that coming right up!) — this is A1 content 👌

🎶 All these diamonds in my chains got me dancing ‘round this b*tch 🎶

#5 @BitsTODAY Op-Eds: 💎s are a creator’s best friend

Oh? Speaking of diamonds? In our most recent release with @Neurally, we explored the universe of larger diamond transactions (5 and 6-tier diamond transactions). Many of these are driven by BitClout’s 🐳s. As such, while interesting to wade through, focusing on 5 and 6-tier diamond transactions may feel somewhat remote for many of the emerging creators on BitClout.

Today, we’re going to let @joshua_cottrell take over the 🎙️ to speak to economic considerations and analytics around diamond flow in general. Especially for those of us not raking in 6-tier diamonds on the daily, this one is worth a read 👇👇👇

Hi folks, Josh here. I’m a creator here on BitClout. You’ll find me posting vaporwave art, BitClout musings and the occasional dank meme. Over the past ~30 days I’ve made approximately $300 in diamonds and $450 in FR. I averaged 3–5 hours a day using clout in that time.

Two important notes: diamond value changes with the price of $clout, so it’s hard to retroactively put an exact number on it. Also FR payments will almost certainly drop off after this first month; for me, they have slowly trended down as my creator coin price has risen.

My current earnings aren’t nearly enough to make a living and more hours hasn’t necessarily equated to more diamonds or FR. I’m pretty much at my max-output for my current type of content right now.

Still, there’s a lot about this data that makes me optimistic. Especially as it pertains to diamonds.

Currently diamonds are valued at:

💎 = 0.00005 $clout or approximately USD$0.0051

💎💎 = 0.0005 $clout or approximately USD$0.051

💎💎💎 = 0.005 $clout or approximately USD$0.51

💎💎💎💎 = 0.05 $clout or approximately USD$5.10

💎💎💎💎💎 = 0.5 $clout or approximately USD$51

💎💎💎💎💎💎 = 5 $clout or approximately USD$510

So when you receive a diamond you are receiving a percentage of that person’s creator coin that’s equal in value to the amount of $CLOUT in this diamond guide. This value is directly tied to the price of $CLOUT for now; if $CLOUT doubles in price then the $USD value of a diamond will double as well. As Bitclout.com sunsets, node operators will have discretion to set their own value levels for diamonds.

I received roughly 700 diamonds in 30 days valued at around $300 — it was a mix of singles, doubles, triples, etc. I received 2 quintuple diamonds as well and it’s hard to say how regular of an occurrence that will be. But if we account for the drop in diamond prices and all the other confounding variables, I think $300 is a safe estimate for the total value of diamonds in that 30 day period.

For me, when I’ve scaled up my followers and posted more, I’ve also received more diamonds. So, if we pretend diamonds scale up linearly, I could potentially double my followers and double my earnings in the next 30 days (I suspect it will more than double as I reach more people and get onto Global more).

There’s no way to predict what will happen, but I think doubling followers in 1–2 months is realistic.

But that’s not the only factor. If $CLOUT increases in price, then the value of diamonds increases proportionately. So if $CLOUT doubles then the amount earned per diamond doubles.

If you combine those two factors together, you get quadratic growth, and it’s viable that within 2 months $300 in diamonds could turn into $1200 in diamonds. If $CLOUT more than doubles or I more than double my followers it’s not unrealistic to think it could be closer to $2400. That’s just in 1–2 months. Looking ahead 6 months, things look like they could be very rosy.

Now none of these things are guaranteed — $CLOUT could tank in value or a ton of users could stop engaging on the platform. But I think with all the upcoming features and the relatively small size of our current user base, we can be justified in some optimism.

Diamonds are your best friend. You get them by posting high quality content and building an engaged following. They are an ideal incentive to build the best kind of creator community. I’m quickly becoming a diamond-first creator. Maybe even a diamond maximalist, if you will 😉.

Laaaaast call for alcohol, fam. We’re winding down for the night. Hope y’all have had some fun (and maybe even learned something to?). We’ll catch you right back here on Sunday for our weekend recap. Might we see some NFTs by then? We hope 🙏.





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