064. Social NFTs launch on BitClout 💥

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

kinda salty there isn’t a media category tbh tho…
mama, there goes that man 💨💨💨
as of this writing, the bids on @tijn’s NFT are up to ~$4k 💰💰💰
what better way to do QA than just to do it live, eh?
to be clear, we added this meme. wasn’t @diamondhands 😂
nevertheless, they persisted 💪
If you are looking at this post and thinking “yo Diamondhands you should NFT dis.” Then boy do I have news for you.
I knead a bread NFT. BreadFT if you will.
@nvo taking these NFT proceeds straight back to @sourdough’s bakery 🍞
damn, haven’t had a countdown since deflation bomb days ⌛
As if we couldn’t be more bullish
@maebeam simps… assemble!!!
we will str8 up fight y’all bidding for this one 🥊
some of us are mintin’ memes while @ClayPerryMusic been str8 SCHEMING
@lazynina, u & us, dinner, say Nobu Friday @ 7pm? drinks on us
Alexa, add to cart please 🛒
Wen @vitalikbuterin???

Examples of crypto social media that are not Ethereum and that are not ghost towns exist. I don’t fully approve of the economics of everything on here… but BitClout … not a ghost town… There is evidence of existing demand for some kind of decentralized social media.



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