076. BitClout power users meet up IRL from San Diego to Berlin

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Happy new week friends,

How was the weekend? Were you out partying in Berlin at @EuroClout? We want to hear stories :). Maybe you attended some of the various meetups in Southern California instead? Sounds like the dinner @alinaferry hosted was a smash (and risque?) hit 🍹✨:

Is this a BitClout meetup or the plot of “The Hangover?” (also we are contractually obligated to inform you that ASG was not even in the same state as this meet up so it sounds like you got bamboozled).

As summer turns to fall, we can’t wait to see where the next BitClout meetups pop up. For now, we’ll keep chugging with our very own meetups in the confines of these pages. Even if $clout prices take a bit of a dip 📉. Ready for another issue of @BitsTODAY? Let’s go 👇.

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @bitcloutsignal and @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: community dev collaboration *intensifies* 🤝
  3. Project in focus: will @supernovas be shining bright soon? 🌠
  4. $clout markets: headwinds for $clout on the high seas 🌬️
  5. General absurdity: IRL weekend highlights 🤘🎶

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Let’s get this week started right with updates from @bitcloutsignal — who were today’s movers and shakers on the blockchain?

Following up on that strong performance, let’s see what @bithunt has for us. Here’s updates on the community projects that were in the spotlight today:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: community dev collaboration *intensifies* 🤝

News flash 📰. There hasn’t been a massive amount of public-facing updates over the past week or so from the core team as it pertains to BitClout UX/UI. One small thing they might consider changing? The current diamond interface, which makes it all to easy to gift diamonds unintentionally:

damn, a fat finger 6 diamond? that’s an expensive scroll, sorry @tijn :(
Charlie does two things: eats bangers and mash, and calls it as he sees it (and he’s all out of bangers).

The next major roadmap items we continue to watch and wait for are a long-awaited redesign of the bitclout.com front-end (should have just hired @charlie, tbh) and the next big exchange listing, likely on Coinbase. Pursuant to Coinbase, we noted that there has been talk of delays in our edition 075 on Friday. Yesterday, @Krassenstein shared more concrete info on the whispers many of us have been hearing regarding this delay — it’s unlikely at this point we’ll be seeing $clout listed on Coinbase next week:

are you guys actually quadruplets? because you’re literally everywhere at all times

In parallel to the listing and the frontend re-design, one other piece that may be coming soon are tutorials. We don’t know what this means yet, but if @lazynina is involved… we’re on board ❤!

tutor us in your ways, oh fabulous @lazynina

While we wait to learn more about what the core team has been up to behind the scenes, the dev community continues chugging along 🚂. @dharmesh and @tijn, who are quickly becoming quite the dynamic duo on the community dev side, teamed up over the weekend on what looks like one of (if not the) first sponsored bounty for development on BitClout 💪.

An anagram for Dharmesh + Tjin is “Jam Nerd Shhit” and I am sorry but that is just too good to not use here.

By bidding 5 $clout on one of @tijn’s NFTs outlined for the purpose of sponsoring BitClout development, Dharmesh Shah was then allowed to elect what tool or improvement he’d like to see spun up. His choice? Using the new postgres integration, which we discussed in edition 073, to add timestamps to transactions and social engagements on BitClout.

Anyone humming on this already? To be frank we’re kind of surprised it isn’t done already 😂. 5 big ones still up for grabs!

Of course, @dharmesh and @tijn’s collaboration doesn’t end just with riffing on ideas and ways to incentivize the community together. Looks like the two have been doing some work of their own behind the scenes, collaborating on building @dharmesh’s own node. @dharmesh, let us know when its ready for us to take a look and surf BitClout on your node 🏄. Pretty please :)?

Heard of Depeche Mode? Well, get ready for D-mesh node! (you fully have our permission to use this as your official name btw, no pressure tho).

This is the type of collaboration and power in numbers that could take BitClout to the next level. That said, we’d like to see more devs go as deep as @dharmesh and @tijn are. Perhaps there are many more devs working away who aren’t as publicly visible, but it does strike us that the same names keep cropping up. Until we can attract talented devs in waves, the platform's progress will continue to rely on the yeoman’s work of devs like @tijn and the vision, leadership, and generosity of leaders like @dharmesh 👨‍💻🔜.

#3 Project in focus: will @supernovas be shining bright soon? 🌠

After NFTs launched on BitClout (and even before they did), the communtiy recognized the current frontend and user experience on bitclout.com was far from sufficient for the purposes of really being able to explore, discover, and buy NFTs. While a number of solutions have cropped up to address this issue, it doesn’t seem like any of them have comprehensively solved the problem while delighting users with an elegant experience. As such, there’s plenty of room for new competitors to take up arms and join the fray ⚔️.

One of the newest entrants that we expect to launch soon? @Supernovas. The project describes itself not just as a marketplace for NFTs, but as a social one. This is of course a critical differentiator for any tool backed by BitClout; lots of blockchains can feature NFTs. Few are expressly social at the same time 💁.

We don’t have an exact date for when we’ll be able to see what @supernovas has been cookin’, though we do know they have an active discord and that they’ve been sourcing applications from talented creators on BitClout 🧑‍🎨, as the platform will be curated and selective in terms of which projects and NFTs get featured:

“zoom zoom zoom makes my heart go boom boom..my supernova girl.” IYKYK

This makes it sound more like a SuperRare rather than an OpenSea, as far as Ethereum-based competitors go. Here’s the full low-down of how the team behind @supernovas is positioning their project:

it’s not a double rainbow… it’s a quad rainbow!!!

We’re excited to see what the (ideally near-term) future holds for @supernovas. Here’s to hoping they launch this week! 💫

#4 $clout markets: headwinds for $clout on the high seas 🌬️

In case you missed it… good for you. You’re not sweating the hourly gyrations in $clout prices, focusing on the social network, and positioning yourself for the long-term. More power to you 💪.

If you do watch the price while spending time on the platform like we do, you would have seen some significant dips register on bitclout.com earlier. On exchanges, the price of $clout fell as low as ~$80:

24 hour chart for $clout/USD courtesy of coingecko.com

This was precipitated by some six-figure liquidations from notable $clout creators and anon wallets alike. We won’t point fingers — folks have a right to do whatever they want with their $clout.

What was more interesting was that the price didn’t recover all that quickly; in past weeks, there has been seemingly endless support at the $100 price point from deep-pocketed investors, likely helped by the BitClout treasury.

For at least a few hours, the ‘buy wall’ however moved down from the $100 mark to $90:

if anyone knows long-term investing, its @BitCloutBuffett

Looking at the order book on blockchain.com now however, it seems the price support, has been removed entirely or chewed up by sell orders as more clouters sell of holdings. We don’t see a ton of depth until the $80 point in the orderbook as of this writing circa 10:00pm EST.

Buy the dip watch it rip

It suffices to say this is an evolving situation and the next few days may see substantially more realized volatility than we’ve seen the past weeks ⛈️.

With this storm brewing, the thing that will be most valuable in the short term is perspective. Cryptocurrency monoliths like Bitcoin and Ethereum have all seen numerous 80%+ drawdowns in price. It’d almost be crazy for $clout not to experience one or two itself.

it’s a good night for a little dose of stoicism

Rather than continue to get too riled up about short term price fluctuations, we’ll close with additional wisdom from dev extraordinaire, @paulburke:

💎💎💎s are BitClout’s best friend, after all ✨

Look for a lot more content on the coming days as we dig deeper into the mechanics of how the price support mechanism has changed. We imagine @diamondhands may have some words about this at some juncture as well.

#5 General absurdity: IRL weekend highlights 🤘🎶

As we alluded to in the opening of this edition, this past weekend was a special one as far as clouters getting together IRL was concerned. While we couldn’t make it to the San Diego or Berlin @Euroclout meet up ourselves, we’re more than happy to take you on a tour of some of the highlights on our feeds that were giving us major FOMO. Let’s run the tape 📹:

It looks like clouters in San Diego had a rockin’ time across the board, especially at the @nachoaveragetour concert with @ClayPerryMusic and @Tropix. Check out the below from @audionode, who was instrumental in making the events in San Diego happen, too:

we HIGHLY recommend you go give this a listen / watch 👀

Of course, the @nachoaveragetour wasn’t the only meet-up going down in sunny California over the weekend. @darian_parrish summed up the whole gamut of BitClout activity that took place between San Diego, LA and Europe:

alright, this is almost too much FOMO 😧

What did the scenes from Berlin look like, you may ask? If @millionairedad’s post is any indication, it looks like it was a great success over there, too 🍻:

aight, we get it, your happy hour was cooler than ours this week…

As the broader universe of social tokens takes off alongside crypto and NFTs, there are many communities beyond BitClout’s that are starting to master the intersection of digital experiences with in-person events. Friends with Benefits is one notable example. Thankfully, the BitClout community clearly recognizes the opportunity here too. While the core team may prefer pseudonymity over hosting events (which is their right), in true decentralized fashion, the BitClout community has taken up the call and gotten engaged creators together to brainstorm, collab, and have fun together in person. HUGE shoutout to all the organizers — you know who you are.

So… where’s the next meet up going to be? Let’s get it going ✈️.

That’ll be all for us today, friendos. Stay safe out there, as we said earlier, there’s quite a storm brewin’ out there. Hope you’re stayin’ gr888 ♾️.

Much love,


P.S. BTFD ya nerds!

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