071. Diamondhands chats with Business Insider, and doesn’t hodl back.

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

Yo look at number 4.. and 5. and 3. Honestly these are all so spicy. Thanks Fungibles for spilling the beans ya ol’ blabbermouth — we are so hyped!
This is the most elegent “ya im not going to build that, but you totally can” of all time.
@amann, how’s it feel to be in that heavy hitter sandwich 🥪?
@mubashariqbal should top the list of any person giving away coins for significant contributions to BitClout
soooo… anyone want to crowdfund @nvo’s plane ticket??? ✈️
@stbrais coming in clutch with the hot tip!
When mans said “buy my coin right now cause it’s goin up,” I felt that.



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