090. F.N.H.H: blitz-scaling ⚡ & hopium headrush.

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Elllllo errybody,

Happy Friday. And cheers to making it to another edition of the @BitsTODAY Friday Night Happy Hour 🥂. What do we have planned today? Oh… the usual… a little general absurdity, a little on the UX update side, a little bullishness. Nothin’ too crazy 😜. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show 👇

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @designal & @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: the latest bitclout.com updates 🆕
  3. Roadmap update 🛣️: blitz scaling ⚡ and #hopium headrush
  4. The cloutifieds: reminder to get your coin designs in!!! 🏆
  5. General absurdity: the decentralized social wave grows 🌊

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout️

Before we get too deep in a bucket of beers 🍻? Let’s check in with @designal to get an update on today’s creator coin action:

Alrighty, first-round comin’ right up! As we get the drinks flowing, why don’t we see what’s up in @bithunt’s neck of the woods too? How are the community projects looking, @bithunt 👀?

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: the latest bitclout.com updates 🆕

While we’re still waiting for native video to 💧(more on that later), there have been a handful of nice updates to bitclout.com that have gone live this week. Resident community dev extraordinaire, @tijn, is here to walk us through some of them. Well, he’s not really here (he's probably asleep, or chilling in the hot tub), but he does stay on top of all this stuff like no other. We appreciate u, @tijn ❤ .

First? We noted this in edition 089 as well, but better embeds for posts on bitclout.com on other services are now live. Try it out for yourself!

Now every time we send a fire meme to the homies we don't have to see that big ugly white box preview anymore. Nice.

What else is in the pipeline besides native video? It looks like more controls for node admins to monetize their nodes are in the works… though the team is proceeding with caution and @Maebeam wants to see proper safeguards put in place to protect people’s hard-earned $DESO first! Thx to @tijn for the tip on this one, too 🕵️:

Mama-bear Maebeam wants to protect all her BitClout cubs from $DeSo poachers. Thanks mom ❤️

Finally, back to native video 🎥. While we wait for the full roll-out, thanks to great q’s posed by @wendyleigh, we got further details from @LazyNina re: what native video will look like. For one, we now know that native video will leverage CloudFare video streaming services. CloudFare ($NET) is a massive player in the security space 🐘, so of course, their service isn’t free. One nice surprise? The DeSo treasury will foot the bill for the cost for community nodes so they can include native video, too :) 💸💸💸

@LazyNina be like “put it on my tab. Put it on my tab.”

We were hoping this would be live by tonight so we could have some native video x Happy Hour fun … but we’ll have to wait for next week! 🔜

it’s about to get hot in here, and we’re not talkin’ gas on the fire 🥵

#3 Roadmap update 🛣️: blitz scaling ⚡ and #hopium headrush

What’s the latest on the DeSo and the bitclout.com roadmap? Well, for one, @nader can clearly hardly contain his excitement for whatever is coming next week… because he’s been hyping it up like no other 🦍😤. He caused quite a stir with this post yesterday, with clear references to the fact that whatever this update is, it’ll be a big dose of gas on the fire ⛽🔥:

🎶 somebody call 9–1–1, shawty fire burnin’ on the dance floor 🎶

What’s goin down on the 5th??? Coinbase listing? bitclout.com re-design? The #hopium that @nader is dishing has the community awash with speculation 🤞. Here are some of the front-running ideas:

Shopify integration? @tobi, you know anything about this??

Some folks are also positioning their portfolios for what they think is coming:

not financial advice do your own research yadayadayada

Got other ideas 💡? Drop us a note! We might even send some diamonds to non-consensus predictions that end up being right 💎.

In terms of much more concrete updates, we also got a clear outline of the technical plan for the DeSo blockchain and how it will scale up the userbase and transaction volume that it can support 🛠️. After posting a series of heavy-hitting and direct q’s, @artz (dad) got answers from none other than @nader himself. Awesome how that works now that the OG @diamondhands is out in the wild and engaging with the public 💪!

for reference, Twitter sees about 6k tweets per second. imagine a future where DeSo needs to support 10+ Twitters 🤯

#4 The cloutifieds: reminder to get your coin designs in!!! 🏆

ALRIGHT. How we all enjoyin’ the ambiance and the drinks so far. Quick PSA and then we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming: the DeSo coin contest is still live until midnight tomorrow night!

gonna be a busy weekend for the gang evaluating all the submissions lol

We also simply can’t contain ourselves and have to champion some of the amazing submissions we’re seeing out there in the cloutiverse ✨🪐.

you wake up in an alien galaxy and somebody hands you this, wyd? 👽

So… you know what to do!!! Get your best designs in… and / or start advocating for your favorite designs! We’ve got a stellar panel of judges, but will certainly listen to the voices of the broader community as well 🗳️.

#5 General absurdity: the decentralized social wave grows 🌊

As DeSo chugs along, it's quickly inspiring others to build (and fund) their own decentralized social projects. Some of these projects have likely even taken inspiration from DeSo 🤝. @stbrais pointed out one that crossed folks radars this week, namely ‘Solcial’, which recently raised nearly $3M to build ‘censorship-free’ media on the Solana blockchain 🙌.

DeSo out here creating an entire asset class 💪

New projects like this one don’t purely need to be considered foes — at this stage in DeSo’s development, projects that grow the total pie for decentralized social can be friends too 🥧. The bigger the user base, developer interest, and capital flowing into the space, the bigger the slice that DeSo can capture.

High-profile investors are also joining the wave 🏄. While there’s already a raft of venerable VCs who backed DeSo from the outset, they haven’t all been super gung-ho about talking their book in public. That seems to be changing slowly. For instance, Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath) name-dropped DeSo as one of his possible longs in an interview on CNBC yesterday 📈. Thx to @Salvo for the scoop!:

Chamath really is THAT DAWG. Bring the bullish baby LFG.

Last thing we’re serving up on this fine Friday night? A dose of the absolute HEAT that @mgamentag has been servin’ up in the form of DeSo inspired NFTs on bitclout.com 🥵. These bad boys transport us into entirely different dimensions… can’t wait to try to snag one for the @BitsTODAY vault ✨.

hellllllo Kitty 😻

Did y’all have a nice time tonight? Great, we’re glad 🤗. Maybe bring a friend next week? We’re always stoked to welcome new folks into our HH.

Ta ta for now,


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