085. 3 cheers for 30% pumps.

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Hi friends!

Long time no talk. Thanks for bearing with us as @nvo takes some vacay and @dripcult gets settled in his new home internationally. @ASG used this time to catch up on some work as well (and football LFG). It’s good to be back with you all ✌. ️Looks like y’all pumped up the price and engagement (and the jamz) while we’ve been running around IRL👀. You know what that means — there’s a ton for us to cover in another edition of @BitsTODAY! Lez do it 👇

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @bitcloutsignal & @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: referrals are the talk of the town 🗣️
  3. Moon markets 🌙: $clout pumps up to 30% 📈
  4. General absurdity buffet: a lil taste of everything 🍴

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Been a minute! Let’s have @bitcloutsignal tell us which creators are moon-ing (as well as which ones are still earth-bound) 📈🌙:

Second batter up? Our lineup hasn’t changed. @bithunt, would you be down to let us know which community projects have been making moves? Thx 🤗:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: referrals are the talk of the town 🗣️

ICYMI (even though we and many others have been beating this drum for weeks, another brick in the BitClout blockchain (and a key lever in the gas on the fire 🔥⛽ phase that should see BitClout shift from build mode to marketing mode) will be laid this week. The name of the game? Referrals 🤝

who will complete the first referral once live? @tijn like he did with NFTs??

Over the weekend, the functionality for referrals migrated from github to BitClout’s frontend, signaling it’s almost ready for deployment. As with other new features on BitClout, e.g. NFTs, there’s a lot of factors and criteria that will play into what qualifies as a true ‘referral’ and how much users will be remunerated for referring their homies. Below, @tijn outlined a variety of the open items that we’ll eagerly be analyzing when referrals formally go live. We imagine that node operators will ultimately have latitude to set different referral rewards for their unique nodes as well.

Hopefully once live the referral features takes off ✈️. Other additions to the BitClout blockchain, like NFTs, have been cool, but haven’t really taken off massively (nor have they spurred broad market BitClout adoption. For the hattrick, we once again turn to @tijn, who illuminated how little $clout (relatively) has been locked in creator coins from NFT royalties since NFTs on BitClout went live a month or so ago:

@ASG’s got jokes in this b 😂😂😂

While we wait for referrals to finally go live, other protocol level updates we began discussing last week look like they’re almost set to go live as well. In edition 084 we outlined that burn and transfer functionality for NFTs is coming soon, which will provide clouters with much-needed flexibility as far as transacting with NFTs and coming up with cool use cases is concerned.

  • Got a bunch of old cringe-y NFTs you don’t want on the blockchain anymore? The burn functionality will help you out with that ;)
  • Want to ‘gift’ someone an NFT on their clout-iversary or their IRL birthday? The transfer functionality will have you covered 💪

Now, we have a timeline from @redpartyhat on when this functionality will go live. In addition to the updates themselves, it’s cool to get concrete dates and times for launch to plan around 🚀:

everyone meet at @redpartyhat’s house at 9/15/2021 at noon PT for a fiesta 🔥

#3 Moon markets 🌙: $clout pumps up to 30% 📈

While still more than 50% below its all-time high, this past week has seen $clout recover some significant ground. After painting lows in the $50s, $clout pumped as high as ~$95, and has now settled around $85. Interestingly, $clout seems to trade with a modest inverse correlation to broader crypto markets — when the crypto market was mooning over the past month, $clout was down. Now that the crypto market heat is dampening a bit? $clout is charging. Curious!

More tactically, the recent price increases were triggered by a few users buying significant amounts of $clout via bitclout.com. It took a bit, but after the core team subsequently replenished their wallets via Blockchain.com, the $clout price was up handsomely:

Shoutout @100 for asking the important questions here 💯👏

So who are the new whales that emptied Gringotts (BitClout’s treasury for purchases of $clout made through bitclout.com). Here’s what new BitClout users, @TplusZero, opined on Twitter after joining us on the $clout train 🚆:

Welcome, @TplusZero. Good to have you!

Always good to see new folks enjoying the community that we’ve come to know and love ❤️. Here’s to hoping they stick around (and refer their friends soon, too)!

Of course, price isn’t all (or even most) of what the modal BitClout user is after. Still… there’s no denying that a higher price helps 😅 a bit. We agree with @JoshuaCottrell on his observation about the ~vibez~ around here rn:

Up only from here on out!!! 🆙⬆️

#4 General absurdity buffet: a lil taste of everything 🍴

Ok, to finish off tonight’s edish we have a few quick-hitters to get you up to speed and back on the blockchain. From bullish hype threads from Daddy DH, to new project updates, and some potential money-making moves — rest assured we’ve got a flavor for you.

Diamondhands get us back on our bullish

BitClout lead singer Niel @Diamondhands hit us with a roadmap update and dropped a few nuggets after going ghost for about a week. Turns out they were being quiet because they were “hard at work with a little travel mixed in.” So what was the update? A whole lotta goodies including: a super top secret thing that we cant know about yet, site resdign, derived keys being one week out, ETH-CLOUT purchase 👀 and more. Check out the full thread to get all of the tea.

Hold up @cloutcast, you might've jus did sumthin’

The mad lads behind @Cloutcast, the project that allows creators to make money for promoting posts, submitted the PR to have the promo functionality added to the main node. If approved, this would make running promos and getting paid hella easier. Plus, they already have the integration all up and running on @cloutfeed so what’s the hold up? You have our support — let’s get it done! 🙌🏼

“Small feature” lol yeah ok. More like super duper feature if you ask us.

Get paid to…learn about BitClout?

Find a new creator you think is gonna 🌙 🔜 but your $CLOUT tap is running a little dry? That’s where @thefaucet comes in. Created by @scottcents, @thefaucet claims to be “the BitClout tutorial that pays you to learn.” Hell of a value prop if you ask us. The site has been live for less than a day and is already getting some great reviews from the community. We have yet to try it, but we’re excited to give it a spin. Get more people learning how to use BitClout and get them paid for it? Zammmnn. 🔥

“ “The more you learn, the more you earn.” -Every guru ever. “ -the faucet.

BONUS: BitClout OG word search puzzle

BitClout legend and everyone’s #1 fan @a1iya created a Bitclout themed word search puzzle and it is glorious! Riddled with a number of the BitClout regulars, this baby should be required homework to get your “BitClout OG” merit badge. You up for the challenge?

Found Pamela first. What mean?

…And there it is. That’s all we have for you nerds tonight. We will see you back here in a couple days to spoon feed you all the hot goss of the cloutiverse. Don’t be late!

Buenos noches,

The @BitsTODAY bruddas.

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