099. Let’s have some hard forking conversations.

“Kandinsky’s Bath”, created by @WilliamLaurent and collected by @La_Galleria_dArte 🎨🤯

Movers & shakers

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The DeSo download

  1. 🏴‍☠️ Over the weekend, DeSo founder @nader made a huge splash when he ape’d into @PixelPirates coin 🐋. Lots of folks were stoked… but not everyone! Should @nader practice more discretion in his selective investing, given the signal it sends the community? Or should we be glad he’s a public founder supporting projects he likes? 🤔
  2. 💰 This question takes on even more salience when considered in the context of another announcement @nader made, namely that he will be making more such investments in DeSo NFT artists over the coming weeks. This will be awesome for folks who do get investments… but tough for OGs who have been plugging away for months and don’t! 🤞 Keep on keepin’ on y’all, we feel you tho... @BitsTODAY hasn’t gotten any 💰 from the core team either 😂.
  3. 🐂 Meanwhile, in the thread where he announced his @PixelPirates investment, @nader also opined that ‘everything is underpriced’. Hashtag BULLISH. Q: Did he mean NFTs… $DESO… or even creator coins too??? A: C. All of the above (probably).
  4. 📈 The @Designsta galls are launching a new app, @Stori which will include a game of some sort and integrate DeSo. The creator coin launched today for investment; these girls have clout, they’ve already pulled in more than $20k in locked USD value. Can’t wait to see this thing come to life! 👀
  5. And then @whoami, Nader’s “alledged” 😉 alt account invested $10k in their project. He also invested $10k in two other projects, including @EverythingStore and @Cloutfeed GGs guys and gals!
  6. 🔐 Speaking of @CloutFeed, @Ribal implemented derived keys for the DeSo app. These allow users to log-in without the app ever interacting with a seed phrase. TBH we have no idea how it works, we just know it’s so secure that even @nader can use this third-party app now 🤯.
  7. 📉 Most active DeSo 🐳 and top BitsTODAY investor (ILYSM❤️) @MarioNawfal did a bit of selling over the weekend via his @CreatorFund account… specifically from one of their wallets. They assured the community this is a localized sale process to free up liquidity for other crypto IDOs and that they’ll reinvest in some of the creators, like @Cloutfeed, later. Whales need to make a splash every once in a while amirite?
Yep… probably nothing….

Meme of the day:

Momsauce better get that car and some baddie better start feeding Huntsauce grapes or we riot.



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BitsTODAY, a nightly digest of far-out experiments, sick posts, general absurdity, and everything in between happening in the world of DeSo & BitClout… rn.