096. F.N.H.H. The first DeSo state of the union.

Hm… looks like @BitsTODAY has some competition with who is bringing the news. Alright, bet.
Wait, you can't even diamond a post on Twitter? What is this, 1999?

Community management
We’ve been doing a very weak job of this. We have extremely active Discords and a highly-engaged community, and yet we don’t have anyone from the team with deep experience on how to manage it. This is especially painful when weird things are happening, like people scamming the referral program, because we need to be there to explain to people what’s happening and what we’re doing about it. Our hope is that we can hire someone very talented to fill this role full-time. If you can recommend anyone with deep community management experience please tag #DeSoFeedback on Diamond App. (read more here).

Literally, anything will be better than the existing tutorial tbh. Just throw in a demo vid and allow people to X out of it and we’re cookin’.
Community feedback loop = better referral flywheel 🔁

One issue we experienced with the referral program rollout was that scammers in certain countries with click farms were able to game the anti-bot check. However, this was limited by a cap on the number of referrals, and so it didn’t result in significant issues (each person got a maximum of three referrals). After some discussion with other senior people in the crypto space who have implemented similar programs, it seems like solely whitelisting certain countries like the US, Canada, UK, etc… is generally how people solve this issue. It is unfortunate that this is what we have to do for now (read here).

We’re gonna associate tf out of all of ya’ll once this baby drops.
Next up: 50M DAUs 🔜
*puts on glasses* *nods head* *tries to look smart by saying things like “will this scale?” and “are we just conflating two different issues?”
DOZ was like “ya’ll thought you can get rid of me that easy?! Try harder next time suckas!”
arrrr mateys, tell cap’n meth to put his shirt back on 🏴‍☠️
Do you know how dope something has to be for Hpaulson to NOT call it absolute trash?! 👀



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