091. Octane fund lights up the blockchain.

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Anyone hear from Zuck yet? Heard he was straight-up not having a good time yesterday. Anywayyy… We’re back in action after taking a double dose of R&R for the weekend and Monday. Had to make sure we were nice and limber to cover the “octane” today 🤯. Hope ya’ll didn’t miss us too much.

Tonight’s issue is packed to the brim with updates, hot goss, and reasons why DeSo rules 👍🏼 and legacy social media drools 👎🏼. You ready? Let’s do it 🐋

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Today’s numbers from @prosperclout ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: Native vid gets 5 ⭐️s from fans & critics alike 🎬
  3. ⛽ on the 🔥 update: High octane fuel now ready for pumping 📈
  4. Boomer media 📰: the @nader takeover continues 😤💪
  5. The cloutifieds: NF-T minus 3.. 2.. 1.. Lift off🚀

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout️

Before we get down to brass tacks, let’s check out today’s numbers. How we looking @prosperclout?


#2 Ubiquitous UX 💧s: Native vid gets 5 ⭐️s from fans & critics 🎬

Kicking things off, native video finally launched on bitclout.com yesterday! Kudos to @tijn too, who had the functionality live on his node over at tijn.club for 24 hours or so prior 🎥. How’d the launch look on bitclout.com? Let’s replay it … Lights … camera… action!

the only thing that could have made this vid better? lil gas might have kicked it up a knotch ;)

Ok so we can’t embed the vid in here directly, but here’s the 🔥 that @maebeam dropped in celebration of @lazynina’s efforts in GIF form:

And how have all the DeSo degens enjoyed the native video so far 🦧? @tijn had some delicious details for us on usage and engagement earlier today 📹:

don’t try competing with @maebeam… probs won’t end well

#3 ⛽ on the 🔥 update: High octane fuel ready for pumping 📈

Last week, @nader teased that something MASSIVE was headed our way on Oct. 5th? There’d been lots of speculation about what was coming, but only a few people absolutely 💅’d it:

someone buy this mans NFT — he was spot on!
*extremely dj khaled voice* ANOTHER ONE

That’s right folks, today @nader announced a whopping $50 MILLION dollar dev fund for the DeSo ecosystem, which will be funded by the $200M DeSo foundation treasury 👏👏👏.

The Octane Fund … ready to power moon missions everywhere 🚀🌙

Considering that DeSo is at its core a blockchain and protocol, incentivizing teams to build amazing apps using DeSo is mission #1 for @nader and co. Getting dope creators and folks using bitclout.com is cool too, but it makes sense that they’re putting out an open call for anyone to build anything on DeSo at the center of how the DeSo foundation’s funds will be used 💰👨‍💻.

Better yet? The announcement was made complete with an absolutely 🔥🔥🔥 video… @FastFreddie, did you have something to do with this?? Seriously y’all, this is worth ~60 seconds of your life. Makes sense why native video dropped yesterday too… needed to be able to get this vid directly into everyone’s feed 😂. Scope the video below 👇👇👇.

This @FastFreddie man really does stay on brand.

So… how will it work? Here’s some more deets from the DeSo foundation blog post. You can also find a lot more from the post itself here:

Check out that last sentence though…

How did the community react? For one, lots of teams wasted absolutely zero time in getting their applications in. Any benefit to being first? TBD! 🤔

@CloutCast probably had their app ready months ago… nerds 🤓

Elsewhere, devs and non-devs alike cheered the fund. Importantly, @Doodles also noted that the DeSo foundation blog post noted we can expect funds for creators and artists to launch soon as well 🎨📷✍️.

looks like @Doodles here did the WHOLE assigment. A+ for him… C for the rest of y’all

Turns out reading to the end of the blog post wasn’t the only place to keep your eyes peeled either. There were easter eggs 🥚🐇 in the hype af video, too 👀. Thanks for the tip, @TplusZero! 🕵️

OK we’ll admit, we would have missed this one otherwise. 🦅 eyes over here!

What’s the net net for us? As far as we can tell, this is one of the biggest developer funds of its kind. Solana has a variety of funds, including for creators, and numerous hackathons, but these look like they’ve capped out at $5M (together, there may be $15-$20M total across their funds). But $50M? The DeSo fund seems to be in a whole league of its own ⚾…

#4 Boomer media 📰: the @nader takeover continues 😤💪

Still can’t get enough of the Anon formally known as @diamondhands these days? You’re in luck — @nader’s PR and media campaign treks on. This time? @nader continues to sharpen 🗡️, his public speaking skills, as he took to CoinDesk this morning to speak about the $50M development fund announcement 💥. If you didn’t watch it live, you can catch up here.

here you go @brootle. here’s your mention. now you have to read this one ;)

Elsewhere? @nader also tackled his first-ever podcast with @jamesbeshara. While this bad boy stretches 2 hours, it’s well worth the listen (and you can probably get away with 1.5x or 2x speed). 👂🎧

Fall asleep to the soothing voice of Diamondhands, talking about the juicy gains we’re picking up on the way to the moon…
  • Things we learned in the podcast? The DeSo team is comprised of 10 folks so far, all of whom are working across the U.S., decentralized style 😎
  • @nader and @Buse recently got married!!! 🎉. As if what we assume must have been a FAT 💎, @nader invested $50k in @Buse today 😂. Where was the honeymoon, a nice staycation on the moon perhaps? 🌙
  • Hungry for one money quote from @nader we loved w/r/t to the DeSo disruption? Here you go:

[DeSo is] fundamentally two separate disruptions…The first disruption is taking content and making it an open utility rather than a privately controlled monopoly… [the second is] business models that are based on incentives and investment rather than ads. These can not only make creators more money, but also create a tighter relationship between creators and their fans.

#5 The cloutifieds: NF-T minus 3…2…1.. liftoff🚀

Since the launch of DeSo’s “Social NFTs” about a month ago, creators have been going HAM testing new potential use cases for the feature. One example? @andrewwarner’s “podcast mention” NFT. ✎ Andrew Warner is the creator and host of the Bitclout Jam podcast, though he is better known for being the 🐐 host of Mixergy, your favorite entrepreneur’s favorite entrepreneurship podcast.

While spitballing some new potential revenue-generating ideas with @doodles on the most recent episode, he decided to test an absolutely reckless NFT idea: whoever owns the NFT gets a mention during the pod episodes…FOR AS LONG AS THEY HOLD THE NFT. Mind you this thing can be resold, over and over and over and..

The year is 2055. Andrew is 99 years old. “Hey there freedom fighters, before we get started I want to tell you about @creatorfundv3..” He says with tears running down his face.

Within the 24 hours that bidding was open — it saw incoming bids from the likes of @artz, @dharmesh (Dharmesh Shah), and more before being sold to @creatorfundv3 (owned by @marionawful) for a cool 69.5 $DeSo (~$9k). Needless to say — the man was thrilled:

~9,000 more reasons to be bullish on DeSo

Over on the scarier side of the blockchain 👻 we got an update from one of the creepiest NFT projects in the DeSovirse… @spookies 💀 the project by the never-not-shipping @jckly.

Ya’ll think these are gonna sell out before presale even ends? Yeah us too.

That’s right, starting tomorrow, there will be 500 generative Spookies up for minting! This will be through website-based minting using Nixar by @mubashariqbal (because of course). Official BitsTODAY unpaid intern @100 has some additional info for us:

History in the making people. History in the mf making.

These things are gonna be hotter than the atomic fireballs in @100’s Halloween candy bag! Better get your minting fingers ready..

Welp, that’s all she wrote. Thanks for hanging out. See ya fools at the Friday Night Happy Hour.

Sayonara suckas,


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