DeSo publishes the Decentralized Social cheat-sheet.

5 min readDec 4, 2021

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gm frens,

Yes, we know. We have been MIA over the last few weeks and you guys have been worried sick. But contrary to popular belief, we are in fact not dead. We just all have (new) full-time jobs, and with Thanksgiving and all, things got hectic for a sec.

Don’t worry @V, we’re not going anywhere! We’ll keep writing ’em as long as ya’ll keep reading ‘em.

Thanks for sticking with us! We owe it to y’all, our loyal fans and the finest DeSo degens out there, to keep this baby rollin’ on into many future moons 🌙. Plus, who knows! Some say Coinbase may be near? That should give us something to write about 😉. In the meantime, it looks like y’all have been holding down the fort around here (nice lil price bump!) 📈. Anywhooo… Let’s dive in. 🐳

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