Special Edition X12: From platform to protocol — BitClout rebrands blockchain as DeSo.

tbh… none of us were ready. not even a little bit lol
Hello Mae-yonce. DeSo nice of you to join us.
“Four score and 6 hours ago, our core team brought to this blockchain a new name” -Diamondhands Lincoln
looks like folks were hammering that MF “Buy $DESO” button today 👀
RIP daddy @diamondhands… forever in our hearts (and hands)! 💎🙌
You absolutely love to see it.
DeSo is to Facebook as David is to Goliath ⚔️
mama… there goes that man 🥵
You know the GOAT had to bless us one time with his thoughts real quick.
FUD spreaders are punching the air rn
@tijn always out here like Martin Luther with the 95 theses 😂
is pull #145 one of the more legendary ones ever? we think so
@articuno come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack… 🥺
Deso much money going into $nader rn

“(Nader) says the $200 million raised will go toward setting up the DeSo Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to “taking the decentralized ecosystem to the next level. There’s a strategy to use the treasury to support everybody from developers to NFT artists to smaller creators and their coins.”

“The reason I was initially anonymous was I believed it would essentially inspire the community to decentralize everything and build more decentralized apps faster. The less that people rely on a centralized entity to call the shots, the more they feel empowered to improve the ecosystem themselves and build on top of it.”

Al-Naji said everyone who wants to use the DeSo blockchain or apps built on the blockchain has to hold the DESO token, the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain. “$DESO can be used to create a profile, create a post, buy social tokens, buy NFTs, give ‘diamonds,’ and more,” he said. “So overall, the goal is to drive as much activity on the DeSo blockchain as possible to increase the demand for $DESO the coin.”

In a Zoom interview, Al-Naji explained that BitClout was really a proof of concept for DeSo. “We wanted to essentially launch a demo app that showcases the features of the DeSo blockchain,” he said. “But what happened, which is kind of weird, is the BitClout app kind of exploded.

The DeSo blockchain was engineered with Al-Naji’s grand designs in mind. Each block on DeSoto holds 32 megabytes of information. By comparison, each block on the Bitcoin blockchain holds 1 MB. Al-Naji said he hopes that the platform will “scale decentralized social applications to 1 billion users.”

laser eyes, koala pfp? (can’t lose)
$DESO be like “Brrraaaappppp”
Rest of crypto? 📉 $DESO? 🚀
shoutout to all you legends… you’re a buncha heroes in our book!



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