Special Edition X12: From platform to protocol — BitClout rebrands blockchain as DeSo.

  • The re-brand & re-structure
  • The news beyond the re-brand
  • The reception

The re-brand & re-structure

To be honest? When @diamondhands said there was something big coming this week… we underestimated him. Our mistake. We won’t do it again 🙏.

tbh… none of us were ready. not even a little bit lol
Hello Mae-yonce. DeSo nice of you to join us.
“Four score and 6 hours ago, our core team brought to this blockchain a new name” -Diamondhands Lincoln
looks like folks were hammering that MF “Buy $DESO” button today 👀
RIP daddy @diamondhands… forever in our hearts (and hands)! 💎🙌
You absolutely love to see it.
DeSo is to Facebook as David is to Goliath ⚔️
mama… there goes that man 🥵
You know the GOAT had to bless us one time with his thoughts real quick.

The news beyond the re-brand

Despite where we started this article — make no mistake, much of the news that accompanied the re-brand and deso.org launch is in many ways just as important. In his (perhaps final) thread, @diamondhands nodded at key updates, including the formalization of a DeSo foundation with $200M in treasury funds at the ready to support the DeSo ecosystem 💸:

FUD spreaders are punching the air rn
@tijn always out here like Martin Luther with the 95 theses 😂

The reception

So… how did all the DeSo degens (working name) enjoy and respond to the news? Well, let’s just say a lot of the day went down in a pretty typical fashion.

is pull #145 one of the more legendary ones ever? we think so
@articuno come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack… 🥺
Deso much money going into $nader rn
  • Fast Company: BitClout founder ‘Diamondhands’ reveals himself and explains why social media as we know it is dead (read here)
  • Decrypt.co: BitClout Founder Reveals DeSo, $200M Blockchain to Take on Facebook (read here)
  • The Block.com: BitClout creator launches ‘Decentralized Social’ blockchain with $200 million in funding from a16z and others (read here)
laser eyes, koala pfp? (can’t lose)
$DESO be like “Brrraaaappppp”
Rest of crypto? 📉 $DESO? 🚀
shoutout to all you legends… you’re a buncha heroes in our book!



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