095. Ruing the referrals.

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

Someone is getting a payday.. It ain't new users, but it’s someone..
dang the gang in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan is probs getting LOOSE rn
we can summarize this for you in one word: woof
next iteration? here’s to hoping we can get this right on round two 🥊
this is some big brain shit right here ya heard 🧠
Gonna be one-click buying Spookies on secondary LFG 🔥
@lazynina hard at work? you love to see it ❤
lesson learned from referrals — get more community input first
⚖️ we nominate @Huntsauce collectively for a seat ⚖️
Jason gonna run a Cloutcast campaign on why they should vote for cloutcast for funding, isn't he?
you get a vote and you get a vote and you get a vote
maybe we need Octane funding for the site where we can see all apps for Octane funding
will @dripcult learn Dutch now that he lives in Amsterdam? maybe if he uses this node 😂
wondering what warranted the “(almost)” — story time!
@katramdeen out here lookin’ like a fairytale while the rest of us degens look like goblins in some dark cave
taking treasure hunts to the blockchain — lfg baby!



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