078. F.N.H.H. seeking $Reesew alpha.

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Happy Friday, cloutizens!

Welcome to another edition of the @BitsTODAY Friday Night Happy Hour 🍻! We invite you to bring some friends, get settled in, grab a drink of your choice, and pony up for the latest and greatest from the cloutiverse 🤠.

Even if this week was disheartening at times with the $clout price decline, we feel some good, organic energy percolating amongst OGs and newbies alike:

@100 always keepin’ it 💯
@shubhang getting ready for the next big $clout bang 💥

Shoutout to the homies @100 and @shubhang… couldn’t agree more! Before we get cookin, let’s set the vibe with some tunes. Tonight the Dj is ripping “Listen to me” by @mp3 featuring @clayperrymusic, and it’s a mf bop 🎶

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @bitcloutsignal and @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: 💎 notifs are back + postgres progress 📈
  3. Role call: new clouters… on the core team?
  4. Gas on the fire ⛽🔥: Oscar award-winning actress → clouter? 🏆
  5. General absurdity: BTFD Fridays! 🐂🌙

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Alrighty, @bitcloutsignal has the first round coming right up for us. Let’s see who made the movers and shakers list today 🍺:

Second beer’s on @bithunt! What community projects were making moves today? Oh, @BitsTODAY is on there? Nice :) … and thanks @CreatorFund

Top gainer 2 days in a row? Ok ok we’ll take it 😎

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: 💎 notifs are back + postgres progress 📈

In case it's still unclear from all our simping, @LazyNina is our current fav dev on the core BitClout team. And they solidified their standing even more yesterday by pushing an update the community had been clamoring for, namely updating diamond notifications so they once again reference the posts to which the 💎 were awarded. This had previously been the case, but diamonds made the switch from paid in creator coin to paid directly in $clout, things changed on us. Now we can once again see which posts of ours diamonds are flowing in on. Thx so much, LN 🤗:

@LazyNina … more like super-industrious-busy-worker-bee-nina 🐝

Looks like it’s been a buz-y rather than lazy week for @LazyNina. This latest update comes on the heels of them already shipping the new tutorial function, which we covered in edition 077 on Wednesday.

Elsewhere in the dev world on BitClout? The community has been busy as ever. First, as a reminder re: the recent implementation of Postgres into BitClout, @maebeam elucidated the importance and value of this update for us earlier this week, stating (for post, see here):

All data stored on chain is now an order of magnitude easier to query.

Now that the functionality is live, @tijn is stepping up to get more devs on BitClout access to and support in using Postgres. Yesterday, he launched an NFT that doubles as an access key to a BitClout x Postgres database, as well as to personal support over a dedicated discord channel:

The 🐘 in the room here is that @tijn is an absolute legend. WEEEOW UNDERVALUED ALERT😤

If you’re interested in a more concrete example of what Postgres can do for you and BitClout … well… @tijn has us covered on that front too 🔝:

looks like info that some of you early creator coin apes might enjoy ;)

Beyond Postgres, what else have community devs on BitClout been up to? Looks like @ItsAditya and @Dharmesh cooked up something cool yesterday:

Man in gonna mess around a build another gazillion-dollar company (hubclout? bitspot?)🤯

What’s the news here in layman’s terms? Earlier this week, Dharmesh Shah put out a call and a 0.1 $dharmesh coin incentive to anyone who could spin up a simple Python app that let’s users log-in securely and post to BitClout.

4 simple steps… 0% chance anyone on the @BitsTODAY team could have done it :)

@ItsAditya was the dev who leaped into action and aced this test, earning him a handsome slice of $dharmesh coin in the process.

blimey, it‘s aliiivvvveeee!

As noted in the above post, $dharmesh’s intention here wasn’t just to build a simple Python app for BitClout, but to stimulate more development in general by providing other devs with examples of code for BitClout in other coding languages (like Python). Over time, ideally we’ll have a vibrant database of sample code for BitClout in countless coding languages… which will help more nerds build incredible stuff more easily ✨.

#3 Role call: new clouters… on the core team?

On Wednesday, we were pleased to get acquainted with some new faces on BitClout who allege to be working with the core team to help with things ranging from marketing to dev work 💪. While our edition 077 had already gone to print that night, now that we are all gathered together for this Happy Hour, what say you we give them all a warm introduction!

First, there’s @FastFreddie, a pseudonymous BitClout OG whose mission will be accelerating the proverbial gas on the fire ⛽🔥 that @diamondhands originally alluded to in his FAQ. The gas on the fire stage we’re now in marks a turning point in the BitClout roadmap, with focus shifting purely from development of the blockchain to include a bigger marketing push as well:

from the looks of it, this guy, gal, or bot only has one speed — FAST 🏃💨

Welcome, @FastFreddie! We can’t wait to see what happens when the fire starts to burn … and it starts to spread … 🎶.

More new faces that we’d like to cordially invite over to the @BitsTODAY table? Well, if @LazyNina vouches for someone, they’re a winner in our book:

Rangers, you must act swiftly the planet is in grave danger… It’s morphin time!

It appears @zordon will be helping out on the dev front, as their bio notes they are a BitClout buidler 🧱🏗️. Can’t wait to see the first update they push, although it’s possible they’ll also be a bit more behind the scenes. TBD!

Any other team announcements we missed? Make sure to let us know so we can have em’ over to our next Happy Hour. Keep your eyes out for these new stars and all they’re up to on BitClout. To @FastFreddie + @zordon — thanks for being here, godspeed, and let us know how we can help 🚀🌙.

#4 Gas on the fire ⛽🔥: Oscar award-winning actress clouter? 🏆

Speaking of gas on the fire, it’s no secret that @diamondhands and co have, since the inception of BitClout, targeted high-profile individuals joining the platform as a way to drive excitement and increase adoption. Reserving 15,000 profiles for top Twitter accounts was the original step to attract top creators, making it easier for them to claim valuable domains. Now, it looks like one such high-profile and high-signal individual may be joining BitClout imminently ❗ Earlier today, enterprising clouters noticed that for what we think is the first time since launch, the core team added a new reserved profile to BitClout — @ReeseW.

will line 118 of this library prove to be a historic one? @tijn, maybe this will make another gr8 NFT ;)

Reese Witherspoon commands an impressive ~3M followers on Twitter. If the 2006 Oscar award-winning best actress were to join BitClout, she’d join the venerable ranks of creators like @bellathorne as one of the most popular personalities on BitClout with a fan base that’s predominantly comprised of non-crypto natives. For BitClout to reach the scale we’re all hopeful it will, we’ll have to get folks who are only starting to get into crypto (or who even have little interest in crypto at all) excited about the social network 🗣🤝️.

I mean we didn’t have you on our BitClout bingo card either Reese but LFG

Additions like the tutorial on bitclout.com and the $10 $clout incentive to join are important stepping stones to a more comprehensible and attractive onboarding experience for new creators. Top-of-funnel signals to get people in the door itself are crucial too however 🔑 🚪. At this point, the @ReeseW addition is a developing situation we’re all still tracking, but could portend a busy weekend or beginning to September 👀. Hopefully it represents the first of many celebrities and influencers joining BitClout and letting the general public know about what’s possible on the platform. Of course, teams like @highkey have already been hard at work onboarding folks on their own, with another notable addition from their side today, namely @ktmurch!

Notably, there will also be questions the @ReeseW profile addition raises about how this change was executed. @tijn let us know that it doesn’t appear to have required any protocol level changes. Still as to why this profile had to be added and wasn’t included in the initial reserve list … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#5 General absurdity: BTFD Fridays! 🐂🌙

Ok fine. Some of the bullish action might have already happened yesterday. Still, we like the ring of ‘Buy the f*cking dip Fridays’! What are we talking about? Well, @diamondhands turned some heads yesterday by apeing another $25k into a couple of stellar creators:


While dad’s allocation strategy these days tends to focus on creators with substantial royalties from NFTs flowing back into their coins, his example has — from our anecdotal vantage point — led to a shift from significant creator coin sales earlier this week back into the green, with buy-side action picking up steam again since yesterday.

As such… seems like a good idea to get into some great creator coins, eh? @nvo (writing this section) dropped 2 $clout into a few of his fav creators earlier today. Who’s next? Let’s make it rain $clout in this Happy Hour 🌧️.

Nor is this all about making money. If you recall your first few hours or days on the platform and your first investments, it’s about FUN. The amazing @coolman_coffeedan (followed by Barack Obama on Twitter FYI), who received one of the @diamondhands creator coin buys, reminded us of this nicely in a response to the original 💎🙌 post 🤪🎪:

we’re lucky to have you, @coolman_coffeedan!

That does it for us today. How we all feelin’? Did y’all have a nice time tonight? Let us know how we did in comments on our BitClout posts or on this Medium article :). Get home safe and we’ll c u Sunday or Monday ✌️.

We appreciate you,


PS. Buy the dip watch it rip. 🚀

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