068. BitClout’s star-studded NFT showcase is headed to the moon.

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What’s up fam. Big day, huh? That NFT showcase was something else 👊. We’ve got a whole whirlwind of stuff to cover today, so let’s hop right in 🤙.

Guest cover “Grace Jones” by @marccraig.

“Grace Jones” by @marccraig is currently listed for sale as an NFT (1/1).

Bits on the menu tonight:

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Which creators were making noise as the NFT showcase went live?@bitcloutsignal can help us answer that question 💪:

Meanwhile, what’s up with the world of community projects? Who’s showin’ off them gainz? @bithunt, how are things lookin’ on that front 👀?

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: bitclout.com’s first NFT showcase sizzles 🖼️🔥

BANG! At 3pm EST, the first NFT showcase went live on bitclout.com. While other node operators like @tijn had experimented with NFT showcases on their nodes (tijn.club hosted one over the weekend), today we got a first look at the functionality and UX built on the primary BitClout frontend. According to @maebeam these will be now happening weekly, too 🔥.

The functionality that supports the showcases itself is pretty straightforward. It’s another feed (comparable to global) with curated posts, in this case, NFTs organized by highest outstanding bid 📈. That said, the core team curated AMAZING NFTs from the community to showcase. A seemingly endless feed of heater after heater NFT 💧.

damn @diamondhands… where this dinner gonna be, on the moon? 🌙

With respect to the NFTs themselves, we were blown away by the creativity, execution, and art (+ some of the eye-watering bids 💰). A few favorites included @coolman_coffeedan, who is a BIG TIME artist off-platform. Like Forbes 30 under 30 big time. Like millions of IG followers big time. We heard he sucks at spelling though. Anywayyyy this art is simply delightful … wish we could afford it 😂:

does he have a $clout mining rig humming in there giving off those exhaust fumes?

Of course, we also gotta show love to our first love, mama @maebeam 😍:

Maeyoncé’s Nifty NFT is gonna 100x; not financial advice (yes it is).

We are also enthralled by @pixelpirates, one of the newest projects to drop from two absolute legends, @mubashariqbal and @charlie. One differentiator here, besides the amazing art? This project includes both hand-drawn and generative components, i.e. built both with code, characters ✨.

arrrrrrrr matey 🏴‍☠️, give em’ all yer gold

Once the first 10 “genesis” @pixelpirates are sailing the high seas, word has it you’ll be able to help generate your own pirate in @charlie’s lab 🤯🤯🤯:

@charlie and @mubashariqball are truly on some galaxy brain shit out here (image provided exclusively to @BitsTODAY from @charlie for use in today’s edition)

Back to the showcase — there were far more NFTs than we could count, including blue-chip pieces from projects like @bitcloutkids, @illuMEMEnati, and countless others. Needless to say, the broader community will devise and come up with more elegant marketplaces and solutions for surfin’ 🏄 NFTs soon. For one, @jckly launched a dope site that covers different hella hyped avatar-based projects — the “Nifty List” (over at niftylist.co):

You know when you’re thinking like “ I wish I can just see every NFT this artist has dropped, if it's for sale, and what the price is — all in one place.” Yeah well, this is that.

We dare say @tijn, who has been documenting daily NFT sales stats on his page, will be able to tally up the full volume of NFTs that traded hands today soon:

@tijn’s neck must be so sore for having to hold up his gigantic brain all day

As a reminder, all of these NFTs had to be cross-listed by their creators on either Twitter or Instagram too to make it into the BitClout showcase. Which is a smart little stunt to get folks wondering about what the heck we’re all up to over here on BitClout. Let’s see if we see DAUs start to climb a bit in the coming days.

Finally, before we close this section, we wanted to add one less rosy reminder/addendum as it pertains to the blockchain and BitClout NFTs at current. For all of you out there minting and buying NFTs with integrated images that aren’t hosted on Arweave? Your ‘NFTs’ could be called into question from a permanence perspective. If the centralized cloud storage those images are hosted on goes away someday… so will the images ⚠️:

Leave it to @brootle to give us the brutal answers to the questions we didn't ask (but probably should've).

Buyer beware!

#3 NFT absurdity: Icons from @pamelaanderson to Antonio Brown launch trading card NFTs 🃏⚡

Ok. We’re gonna admit it. We can barely keep up. And that’s 90% of our job 😂. BitClout is just completely and entirely inundated by NFT hype right now. And we’re totally here for it. Y’all gotta slow your roll just a touch tho so @nvo can find a spare minute to eat 😬.

Beyond the NFT showcase on bitclout.com, which 💦s were making headlines today? Well, in the span of a few hours yesterday, both PAMIES, a trading card series from @pamelaanderson, and the first NFT launched by @ab 🏈, which also happened to be a trading card, went live on BitClout 👇👇👇.

70 $clout bid = 10 touchdowns on the board for @ab 🏈

Even @diamondhands, who has been making investments and buying NFTs like a kid in a candy store, made sure to grab a piece of history from Pam. I mean IT IS Pamela Anderson, even king DH has to simp a lil.

gonna tell my kids @diamondhands and @pamelaanderson are their grandparents

Another top shot to get in on the action? @tyga, a recent addition to the BitClout fam, got in the mix and dropped his first-ever post as an NFT. @diamondhands encouragement may have played a role in that 😊:

🎶 “this month I made a milli…another month another milli, man that shit be gettin’ silly” 🎶

These are the caliber of creators that could really make a splash if boomer media outlets and their followers on Twitter and Insta catch wind of what they’re up to over here on BitClout, they’re bound to give it a look. When they do come, let’s make sure we give them a friendly welcome 📈. Come on in, the water is BOILING with all these hot NFT drops 🔥.

#4 🚨 Boomer media alert 🚨: BitClout takes over Forbes 🌊

Not a week goes by where we don’t see @highkey raising the bar. Lest we forget they’re the dynamic three-o of (very tall) brothers that brought folks like @ab and @tyga to the platform, they also regularly ensure that BitClout is capturing attention and mindshare on boomer media (aka more traditional news outlets).

We’re not the only ones who recognize what @highkey has done for the platform, of course. The BitClout OG @reade gifted them one of his own creator coins for their services in promoting and popularizing the platform:

Blessed by the don. That’s about ~$11.5k today, $11.5M in a few years 🐂

Now @highkey has struck again, getting both their names and the good word about BitClout back in the mainstream news cycle 📰. The latest media co. to cover BitClout? None other than Forbes:

thx for spotting this one for us, @ourielohayon! 🔎

Here’s one of the money quotes from the article, which covered BitClout’s role at the bleeding edge of social tokens and the creator economy:

“Monetizing social media standing will transform how we understand content and entrepreneurship because, instead of content-driven brands earning their keep through sponsorships or advertisements, their company is valued by the standalone content they create and their ability to garner a following. Social media has become a more powerful tool for establishing a brand’s success than we could have ever expected.”

(NFT this^^^)

Make sure to go check this one out for yourselves too ✌️. Always interesting to see what the normies think about what we’re up to over here 😎

#5 General absurdity: @dharmesh drops the spiciest memes in town 🥵

In other generally absurd news, Dharmesh Shah has taken over BitClout with an absolute bonanza of spicy memes. Rather than going the NFT route himself, the co-founder of a $50B+ company has instead taken to BitClout to poke lighthearted fun at the NFT craziness, among a bevy of other topics. We fancy ourselves to be decent small-batch meme creators from time to time. But we have to admit, @dharmesh probs have us beat 😂:

uhhh… we might need a deeper dive on this one @dharmesh (*lists 20 NFTs for sale*)

Cut a little too close to home? Don’t fear. After making some solid jokes at BitClout’s expense, @dharmesh also turned his attention to legacy social media. Those are the punching bags we can all celebrate taking a swing at 🥊:

guess twitter doesn’t get that there’s a big difference between “tips” and 💎s as a currency for fire content 💪

It goes without saying, but if you’re that good at BitClout memes, you’re equally welcome to come write in @BitsTODAY anytime, @Dharmesh! Our DMs are open 😉

That’s a wrap for tonight! Thanks for poppin’ by :)

Much love,


PS. Hodl until odl ya nerds!



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