Special Edition XX4. EMERGENCY ALERT 🚨

This is a breaking news alert from @BitsTODAY, @BitCloutPulse and esteemed members of the BitClout development community. Given the time sensitive nature of this communication, we’re keeping this short and to the point.

If you ever used the applications @cloutspy or @bitwatcher, your BitClout account may be compromised. More details provided below.

Before continuing, if you are concerned about the security of your account, we recommend you:

  1. Delete the above named applications from your computer and / or delete any corresponding browser extensions
  2. Create a new, secure BitClout account (making sure to secure the seed phrase as well)
  3. Transfer any $clout funds and creator coins that are important to you to the new account
  4. You can subsequently transfer your handle as well
Image via Devaudit

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