035. F.N.H.H: I’m going all-in.

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Howdy gang,

Welcome to another edition of the @BitsTODAY Friday Night Happy Hour! We hope our friends in the states are gearing up for a fantastic long weekend ahead. Our plans for tonight? A lot of the usual, though we do have a lovely special on our menu that comes with fresh-baked @Sourdough that we think you’ll love.

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Today’s Clout Covered:

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

First things first. In partnership with @bitcloutsignal, here’s an exclusive look at today’s movers and shakers:

#2 Ubiquitous UX Drops: Bitclout goes DTC

Another work week gone by, another series of 💧s that @tijn served us the scoop on 🍦🍦. We salute him, as we were busy dropping our special edition with @Neurally and @BitCloutSignal today. Let’s catch up on the Bitclout release speculation news of the week, shall we?

*heavy breathing* It’s almost time..
Just seeing the words “buy with USD” has us swoon 😍

In addition to releasing mining instructions to the general public, it looks like the Bitclout dev team is planning on offering a direct way to buy Bitclout with fiat currency (hell yeah). Especially while we wait for exchanges to swap other cryptocurrency into Bitclout to come online (more on that later), creating another pathway into $bitclout will be key to supercharge broader user adoption.

This new on-ramp may also replace the current one; Diamondhands and squad prepared (though not detonated) a ‘deflation 💣’ i.e. destroying the existing Bitcoin <> Bitclout exchange mechanism on Bitclout.com (read more here).

Offering a way to exchange USDs for $bitclout will make Bitclout.com, much more accessible for folks who aren’t yet crypto-native. Specifically, it looks like the Bitclout team is planning on leveraging Wyre, a block-chain based payment API used by other wallets and crypto applications, including Metamask. Grab it while it’s hot 🥵.

In addition to the USD-$bitclout on-ramp? @diamondhands and co. also appear to be working on a more seamless login for non-crypto-natives (i.e. simply via Google). What do y’all think about this?

Notice anything different with the homie @tijn? Scroll back up to the last post. My man got ✨verified✨ between drops! Congrats king 👑

While we’re on the topic of buying and exchanging $bitclout, mid-week we started to see whispers of the first official exchange listing, too, with Blockchain.com claiming their creator account (@blockchain):

What an absolute heater of a first post ever.

How did they open the festivities? With a nod to @diamondhands, and the HODL ethos of having ‘diamond hands’ in general. Of course, this raised a lot of speculation as to whether they will be the first exchange to list $bitclout on their platform. @Neurally thinks the answer is yes.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that @flickapp officially launched their public beta for their mobile Bitclout.com application this week. And one week in, they’ve already hitting us with humor, too:

Goes to Memorial Day brunch. Sips Long Island. Checks Bitclout in Seer Sucker mode. Tells the waiter that my dad is a lawyer.

Still scrolling through Bitclout.com on your mobile browser? Stop being a Bitclout boomer — get with the times and give this bad boy a spin. We think you’ll find it offers you a much more enjoyable weekend clout-surfing experience 🏄🏄🏄

#3 BitBluffs: World Series of Clout 🃏

No big plans for Memorial Day Weekend (besides surfing the clout, that is?). Gambling… err… we mean investing in creator coins not enough of a dopamine rush anymore? Boy, does @freemrktcptlst have a proposition for you…

Starting on Sunday at 1pm EST, a massively-hyped, clout-native poker event will be going live. That’s right, we’re talking about the first ever @WorldSeriesofClout tournament, hosted by @NachoAverage and @ClayPerryMusic. (*queues Poker Face by Lady Gaga*)

I like my poker chips covered in cheese sauce and hosted on zoom

What is the @WorldSeriesOfClout? Created by @freemrktcptlst, this is a monthly poker tournament series that’s open to all members of the Bitclout community. At current, aspiring players can get a seat at the table with a 3 $bitclout buy-in. To add to the fun, each monthly tournament will be hosted by a new, stand-out star on Bitclout.

we’re not bluffing when we say these are dope af.

One seat will also be given away monthly to spectators of the livestream. @wsoc is the utility token for @worldseriesofclout. Owning at least $50 of the $wsoc creator coin gets you a membership in the Player’s Club, which in turns makes you eligible to potentially get upgraded from spectator to poker-speculator.

For those of you eager to follow along at home, the final tables of each tournament will be streamed live directly on Bitclout.com, with Bit-fluencer announcers commenting on the action.

Someone grab my green tint visor and the mf horderves

What are you waiting for? With lots of great ways to get involved, we’re excited to see who takes home first prize in the @NachoAverage contest, as well as who will become mainstays of the final tables over the coming months.

#4 General Absurdity: The First Ever Clout-Word with @Sourdough

Now that you’ve settled in and had a round or two, are you hungry for a delicious main course? You’re in luck. @sourdough is coming fresh out of the oven with the first ever Bitclout crossword puzzle ✍️✍️✍️. This one is going to require some serious cross clout-knowledge.

We’re sprinkling some spices on this 🍞 too — the first 10 people to correctly solve, fill-in, and email the crossword to s2683505@gmail.com will win 0.1 $theclown coin 🤡 from @BitsTODAY (worth $200). Be sure to include your bitclout username as well. Get cracking!

Here’s a free one. the answer to 25 is ASG. Jk its NVO. ASG doesn’t really do anything tbh.

#5 General Absurdity: The Miami Lineup Heats Up 🔥🔥🔥

What are you doing next week? Dropping everything you’re doing and playing hooky to come to Miami, we hope! @BitsTODAY is stoked to sponsor the Clout & Cocktails fiesta in Miami on Thursday, June 3rd from 4:30 to 6pm ET. All three of the @BitsTODAY boys will be there (@asg, @nvo, @dripcult) and we’re absolutely itching to connect with all of you in person!

Rumor has it they will have free beer and jerk chicken. jk not a rumor they really are.

Hosted by @BitClout500, this bad boy already has north of 150+ RSVPs and promises to be one of the singular places to see and be seen for the Bitclout community this spring. Not signed up yet? RSVP here! Stay tuned for lots more announcements of what we have planned in the run up to this event. See you in Miami! 🌴🍹☀️

Thanks for tuning in, folks. We hope you enjoyed and we’re keen to see if anyone can solve that full crossword from everyone’s favorite 🍞. Looking for the happy hour tip jar? It’s over in @sourdough’s wallet 💰💰💰.

Get home safe now,


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