081. Hey Twitter, those new features look awfully familiar…

7 min readSep 2, 2021


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Happy 🐪 🐪 day. Much in the same way we’re all getting over the hump of the week today, looks like $clout got a bit of its mojo back, rocketing as high as $90 today...only to crater back to the $60s now. Y’all been enjoying 🏄 a volatile $clout market? Definitely more interesting than when $clout was stuck at $100 for the better part of two months 😂.

In any case, the short-term prices, while entertaining, aren’t what we’re after here. Let’s take stock of what was goin’ down (and up) on the BitClout blockchain over the past 24 hours, shall we ➡️➡️➡️?

Bits on the menu tonight:

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: @CloutieApp sends more nodes 🥵
  3. NFT showcase: 🎨 highlighting some of BitClout’s finest NFTs
  4. Whale watch 🐋🚨: A thought-to-be extinct species reappears 🌊
  5. Competition watch ⚠️: Twitter crawls into the arena 🥊

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Alllllrighty, let’s get warmed up. @bithunt’s gonna show us which community projects saw the most action today. Show us how it’s done, @bithunt 🏋️:

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: @CloutieApp sends more the nodes 🥵

Ok. It’s true. We’re not exactly early on this update. But hey, better late than never. We wanted to give @CloutieApp some well-deserved love. For those of you who aren’t familiar, @CloutieApp is one of a few iOS apps that you can use for a better mobile BitClout experience on your 🍎 device. What’s the latest from @CloutieApp? Rather than purely serving its users with its own node the way that other apps for BitClout do, @CloutieApp is building the functionality to let you use any node on its app 🤯.

🎶 shawty want a thug (@tijn), poppin’ bottles in the club 🍾🎶

To be sure, right now @CloutieApp only has a few nodes supported in the alpha version of their app update — it’d be a herculean effort to include all nodes anyone has spun up for BitClout. Still, the app will conceivably be able to support any major nodes that folks flock to in the future, making it a great example of the interoperability that characterizes a lot of focus in the crypto development community 🤝.

In other news, what are the updates from the core team we should expect to drop soon? @tijn’s got us covered with insights into one 🔎:

Data analysts … start your engines 🏎️

What do we reckon the impetus for this new trends functionality is? As BitClout grows, it will be important for creators to easily assess how much money they’re making by engaging and working on BitClout. Both at a platform and individual creator level, more visibility into this type of data will help keep folks engaged and should make BitClout stickier 💪.

In addition to new trends info for us all to track religiously? It looks like the next dose of gas on the fire is right around the corner — referrals are in the queue for the core team to deploy in the coming days (or hours):

*texts all the peeps I haven't talked to since high school*

Finally, @LazyNina also revved things up a bit yesterday, following @Maebeam’s lead from last week to deploy more speed improvements 🏃💨.

what’s our opinion on speed? there’s always room for MOAR ⚡

#3 NFT showcase: 🎨 highlighting some of BitClout’s finest NFTs

With @supernovas and @Polygram live, there are lots of improved solutions to browse NFTs from the BitClout blockchain. Still … we just can’t help ourselves. we want to highlight some stellar NFTs we’ve had our eyes on 👀.

@TiffanyATrump NFT’s a piece of history 🏛

There’s no denying that @TiffanyATrump is having her moment on BitClout right now. She’s far more engaged than many of the other folks with her level of following. And the BitClout community has taken note and embraced with her with open arms — you love to see it 🤗. And why wouldn’t we? She has lots of great personality and innovative ideas to bring to BitClout just like anyone else. One example? Recently she released an NFT of a never-before-seen photograph of her with President Trump inside the White House, putting history on the BitClout blockchain. Pretty neat if you ask us, regardless of your political disposition!

Wen POTUS Trump on BitClout? He should totally NFT some top-secret documents or something

@LazyNina’s “buttfetti” 🍑

ICYMI 78 days ago, after significant community input, @LazyNina teased one of the greatest UI updates ever to come to a decentralized network — namely a shower of 🍑s in lieu of the confetti shower that users see when they buy someone’s coin 🥳. Now? This seminal artwork is finally also an NFT. In the words of @NoFaceGirl, we’re all just tryna “make this booty a blockchain.”

butt showers bring May … NFT profits 🍑🌸📈

@BitCloutCoinMaster mints BitClout NFTs backed by precious metals 🦾

Looking for completely unique NFT use cases on BitClout? Look no further than @BitCloutCoinMaster’s new NFT drop, which combines a stunning visual design with off-chain value in the form of silver coins. In his latest release, @BitCloutCoinMaster offers clouters physical delivery of 1 oz silver coins produced by the esteemed Dutch Guild of Goldsmiths. Buying one of the 49 NFTs not only enshrines you in BitClout history — you’ll get your silver coin delivered to your doorstep, complete with rights to engrave your BitClout username in the coin if the price of your bid is right (specifically, 16 $clout). Sound intriguing? Lots more details are avail on this post for you to peruse.

physical memorabilia coupled with eternal life on the BitClout blockchain? count us in for that!

#4 Whale watch 🐋🚨: A thought-to-be extinct species reappears 🌊

There were rumors it had gone extinct. One of the earliest BitClout 🐋 species to brave these new, often unforgiven waters. The rumors, however, were wrong. After not being spotted for 💯 days, which is like 100 years in BitClout time, @WhaleSharkdotPro returned with a 💥.


While he did sell a number of creator coins, @WhaleSharkdotPro didn’t cash any of his substantial $clout holdings out — neither during his prolonged absence nor upon yesterday. Instead? He reinvested heavily in his own coin. Congrats to those $WhaleSharkdotPro hodlers who held out hope 💸!

As far as major crypto personalities go, @WhaleSharkdotPro was one of the earliest and most influential BitClout adopters, even making an impact on creators like @JakeUdell, who have since become leg?ends in their own right:

Ok is he a goat, or a whale… or a shark?! Too much weird cross-species stuff happening rn

Whale watchers and enthusiasts everywhere were excited about this rare species reappearance, as it portends hope for other thought-to-be-extinct species. Whether they will come back for good and be more active on BitClout is another question. Here’s to hoping that entire pods of 🐳s will soon be swimming around in the BitClout waters again. They’re not the end all be all of BitClout by any means, but they do lots to help the ecosystem 🌊.

#5 Competition watch ⚠️: Twitter crawls into the arena 🥊

Elsewhere in the universe of social media? It looks like Twitter is wading deeper into the waters of economic integrations for their social network, albeit at a tortoise-like pace 🐢. In a couple different announcements, Twitter is dripping roadmap updates, including integrating the BitCoin lightning network for tipping on their platform as well as the ‘Super-follows’ feature, which will allow users to gate content for paying subscribers:

Where there’s smoke there’s a fire 🔥… where there’s competition, there’s gainz to be had 📈
nice of you to finally join the party, Twitter

To be sure, we’d be excited to see Twitter integrate BitCoin tipping, and we think the Super Follows feature is great for folks who have built a big following on Twitter. We’ll always celebrate wins for creators, wherever they happen 🥳. BTC integrated tips in Twitter will be a big win for the broader crypto space, and as legacy social media platforms follow in BitClout’s footsteps and make their own version BitClout’s 💎 feature, more and more creators will wake up to the fact that their content has long been undervalued. Plus, BitClout’s fully decentralized vision should be a lynchpin that gives it a permanent leg-up, as does the fact that its infrastructure has seamless financial transactions embedded in the core of its functionality rather than layered in on top 💡.

In sum? It’s great to watch platforms like BitClout move the needle for the ENTIRE creator economy as other platforms adapt and try to catch up. In the interim… there’s tons more work to be done and value to be unlocked for the creator economy and a decentralized future … back to work everyone 😤.

Another edition down! The countdown to edition #100 is on … can’t wait to see all that goes down between now and then :)

Peace and love,





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