081. Hey Twitter, those new features look awfully familiar…

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

🎶 shawty want a thug (@tijn), poppin’ bottles in the club 🍾🎶
Data analysts … start your engines 🏎️
*texts all the peeps I haven't talked to since high school*
what’s our opinion on speed? there’s always room for MOAR ⚡
Wen POTUS Trump on BitClout? He should totally NFT some top-secret documents or something
butt showers bring May … NFT profits 🍑🌸📈
physical memorabilia coupled with eternal life on the BitClout blockchain? count us in for that!
Ok is he a goat, or a whale… or a shark?! Too much weird cross-species stuff happening rn
Where there’s smoke there’s a fire 🔥… where there’s competition, there’s gainz to be had 📈
nice of you to finally join the party, Twitter



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