XX1. Portrait of the collector as a young clouter.

...Introducing BitsTODAY SPECIAL EDITION issues! These are free-form articles that will sometimes be published in lieu of, and in addition to regular daily issues. Today’s edition centers on an interview conducted by @fungibles and @artofwar. Special edition cover design by @dripcult.

XX1 Cover design by dripcult.

Hi friends,

Come one, come all to this special edition of @BitsTODAY, in which @fungibles and @artofwar go deep on NFTs, the mind of a collector, and the value BitClout is bringing to the ecosystem. Did @nvo lose y’all with that deep lit reference in the title? It’s okay, @ASG was lost too.

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@Fungibles: So Japanese warlord (any relation to @Da5id??), tell us about yourself, and what first made you want to buy NFTs?

As an ex chef I have a very artistic mindset that runs through my business and my entire life. I love interacting with artists’ expression, whether it be of their unique perspective or comprehensive worldview, and whether it’s illustrated on canvas or executed digitally. It’s that fascinating dynamic and communication between artists and viewer that most excites me; it’s unreal that anyone that we can now ‘own’ a sliver of that experience.

When I first learned about NFTs, I, like many people, thought it was some sort of big joke. A lot of people get stuck in that mindset. But I’m glad I dove deeper. Proof of ownership, ties to physical pieces, privileged benefits and access to special events or new drops… all with extreme liquidity and the age-old ability to share and display art for pride of ownership’s sake… needless to say there’s a massive amount in this space to be excited about. What’s perhaps most exciting though is how many kids and aspiring artists will learn how to paint on a digital canvas, make digital sculptures, render animations, etc… This is going to draw a ton of talent into the art world, including people who would have otherwise become bankers or accountants or whatever else.

@Fungibles: How long have you been on Bitclout?

I’ve been on since day one. I wasted a lot of time on launch day making my profile and NOT buying creator coins…that said, I do have one of the first posts on Bitclout’s homepage, which I may NFT.

@Fungibles: Tell us more about your strategy for collecting

Just like physical art, I have to love what I am buying. I never think about selling, so I buy things I know I want to hold forever. Secondly, I like to understand more about the emerging artists’ outlook and background. As I alluded to earlier, art is a basic expression of your perspective on the world. So beyond the beauty of a piece, I like to share in an artist’s journey and understand what forces shaped their work.

@Fungibles: For folks like you, is BitClout proving to be a strong new marketplace to grow your collection?

100%. By being a member of some incredible groups of curators and cutting edge NFT collectors on BitClout, I’ve already expanded my knowledge of the ecosystem tremendously. I also think we’ll see more artists flock to the platform and announce drops/special collections for coin holders and followers on here, as opposed to say, Twitter. It’s an easier path to monetization, and I hope artists take advantage of that as the audience grows.

@Fungibles: Who are some of the artists you found that blew you away?

(artworks by @Lumi and @Vaskeen, respectively)

I really love @Vaskeen — his art jives with my style and he is a great example of someone with raw talent for painting on canvas that’s now being translated creatively into the NFT world. I also love @Lumi — the surreal landscapes and ethereal feeling I get from staring at his mystical and futuristic worlds are super inspiring. Rarezo’s moving images are wildly interesting and amazing — plus there’s a ton of continuity in his oeuvre. I think all three have a strong shot at becoming big mainstream NFT artists.


(In full disclosure, all three of these artists are in @Fungibles collection.)

@Fungibles: Before we close, tell us, what inspires you?

I am inspired by nature and its fractal patterns. Often the most beautiful images are already out there in the natural world. To me, a ripe tomato on a vine is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. What I love most is artists who build and perfect a craft and then take inspiration from nature and imbue their work with its beauty.

@fungibles You might want to lay off mushrooms for a while. Or take more. Any last advice for anyone who wants to jump into the world of NFT art collecting?

Keep an open mind, follow great collectors and buy what you love. Don’t buy to just buy. Consider yourself an owner forever. And enjoy the experience — it’s truly something else.

@nvo back here. Wow, what a great conversation. As a burgeoning NFT collector myself, I value @artofwar’s perspective and how thoughtfully he approaches his craft. Because I think collecting is a craft in and of itself, not just some gluttonous ETH ape’ing exercise. I especially like the idea of considering yourself an “owner forever” when approaching collecting pieces. Who knows, you might be buying art from a future Picasso or Pollock unknowingly. Pollock used to trade his artworks for booze, and now they sell for millions.

Lastly, special thanks to @fungibles for leading this conversation.

That’s all for us today in this special edition. We’ll see you in a few hours in our Clubhouse room (here’s the meeting link one more time).

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