012. It’s quiet… too quiet.

Today’s edition was written by @nvo and @dripcult, with a guest announcement in partnership with the lovely @renatavc. @dripcult continues to rock things on the design-front, too. Our intro design sent us into the stratosphere, courtesy of guest designer @ghozt. @nathanmaton worked partnerships and @asg says he helped but idk.

Hi friends,

We hope you survived the great BitCl-outage of April 21st, 2021 (*breaks into cold sweat*). We also hope you enjoyed yesterday’s marathon of magazine-style content. For today’s edition, we’re going punchier. Snappier. More snackable. Taking the news bit by bit.

As we build out our offerings here at @BitsTODAY, we’re constantly testing and iterating new ways to deliver you, our lovely Clout familia, the most value. In this issue we’re experimenting with content that’s perhaps more akin to a morning update in length than an evening digest. Because time is a flat circle (especially on this platform), anyways.

As always, we’ll be eager for your feedback. And don’t worry, you can still expect biblical-length long-form reads from @nvo (that @ASG will cut in half) in the future. Especially if he gets his hands on a six pack of Lone Star Beer 🍻. Let’s dive in.

Guest cover bit design “Ancient Ghozt” by @Ghozt.

This design is available for purchase from Ghozt as an NFT here.

Bits on the menu today:

  1. BuzzClout: Where are the new users?
  2. Ubiquitous UX Drops: Hashtags, 0% fees, credit card <> BitClout purchases???
  3. Up & Coming Creators: Stellar artists from across the clout-iverse
  4. @RenataVc x @BitsTODAY: The official collaboration
  5. The Cloutifieds: Our own special offers and … used car salesmen

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Are the wheels falling off the clout wagon?

This rollercoaster ride is gonna make me blow chunks

We’ll just come out and say it… it’s been a bit quiet around here recently (*tumbleweed rolls by*). And looking at the above chart of daily creator growth, some might ask aloud “Are the wheels falling off this wild westward bound ‘Clout wagon?” Data (courtesy of @cloutgate)

Is this just a dip before we launch into the next phase of intergalactic growth? Or a proper dust bowl in new creator onboarding? Did @Da5id scare the shit out of people? We wouldn’t overreact just yet. Thanks to @bitnews for tipping us off to this.

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops

Today’s Forecast: 70 Degrees and Cloutted.

A cluster map that doubles as a 70’s tablecloth design. Nice.

While we’re in galaxy-brain Matthew McConaughey mode, allow us to consider all activity on BitClout as a ‘network’ for a minute (as @Neurally and @ludo beautifully did in the above visualization). What would make these networks grow? What would make them more cohesive (i.e. higher overall engagement)? How can we get new users on the fringe closer to the action?

Enter @Cloutted. This new project from @BitClout500 will introduce hashtags to the platform. Hashtags should help users discover content and communities they’re interested in, follow trends, or start conversations of their own and gain following more easily. Here’s what the @BitClout500 team had to say:

“We were inspired to build @Cloutted because right now, it’s hard to find new friends and spot trends. We look forward to seeing how creators will use the platform to create communities, connect, and explore.”

While @Cloutted is still pre-launch, you can explore their website here.

Drop it Drop it Low, @BitSwap.

*Lil’ john has entered the chat*

In other news today, @Sigil and @BitSwap announced they’re eliminating transaction fees for @BitSwap. We knew the battle of the exchanges would drive some race to the bottom-dynamics. We didn’t think it would drop it to the floor this low, this fast.

Of course, credit to the @BitSwap team, too, for privileging long-term user adoption and value for the entire platform > some fast bucks.

Do ya’ll take American Express?

Other things that caught our radar today? We may be biased, but @ASG and @nigeleccles were riffing on some money moves to supercharge platform growth that caught a lot of 👀

Here I am adding a link to my own post.

We stan’ our fearless editor-in-chief and a frequent @BitsTODAY contributor ideating together. Let’s go boys!!

#3 The up & comers

You know what time it is. That’s right, time for one of our favorite segments, namely a canvas of great Up & Coming creators on BitClout. This week’s top selects were curated by @MotionGraphicsCollective and @dripcult. Let’s take a look, shall we?

interested in buying the above? You’ll might have to fight nvo for it first.
  1. @RBNKS: A digital artist and motion designer from The Netherlands whose artwork depicts a world of undefined objects and structures that integrate a post-apocalyptic vibe. We’re talking ancient meets futuristic, with a little touch of humor that we love.
Pretty sure you’re supposed to add the chives after you cook the eggs. Jokes aside this is hard.

2. @obsedant: Founded by Miki Nemcek, Obsēdant is a passion-driven, detail obsessed creative practice oriented on premium Motion Design, 3D and CGI. These stunning works are sure to make you… hungry if nothing else :)

Gold all in my coin, gold all in my ring, gold all in my watch. Don’t believe me just watch.

3. @BitCloutCoinMaster: Creator coin not enough? Do you want a 3D coin of yourself? Then invest to get yourself as a freshly minted coin. This is a super inventive offering and fun meta-play on the platform.

#4 @BitsTODAY & @RenataVC: A Match Made in Clout Heaven

Hi @BitsTODAY fam. @RenataVC here. I’m excited to launch a new project in partnership with the @BitsTODAY team aimed at championing up & coming creators on this platform (much like the talents we covered today).

Every week on Wednesday, we’ll be introducing new creators who joined BitClout in the last 7 days and who stimulated high engagement. We’ll feature 3 top new creators each week; we’ll also be eager to cover women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups especially.

What’s the best way to get on our radar? For one, make sure to use a real profile pic or to verify your profile. From there? Create quality content and engage with everyone on the platform!

We’re using a secret algorithm that will take a number of parameters into consideration, including but not limited to, number of followers, total USD locked, number of engagements, etc.. So if you like each of your posts yourself or an army of bots does it for you… well it won’t get you very far with us. 🙂

Be authentic, be real, bring value to BitClout and yourself!

#5 The Cloutifieds (special edition)

In today’s cloutifieds, we have something of our own to hawk you. Drum roll please 🥁🥁…

@BitsTODAY is excited to announce our first ever sponsored post, which we’ll roll-out as early as our weekend digest on Sunday night. The rules of the road? That’s the beauty of this wild wild western land… there aren’t all that many. Want to drop your newest NFT in a high-impact way? Done. Want to push your @whatevercloutpro product that gives a you sleek dashboard of this and that? Done. You get one section of the issue and you can do whatever you want with it.

How do you get in on this? We’re taking bids auction style (in $bitclout) until the end of the day tomorrow (4/22). Once you win, our people will work with your people on the creative.

Ready to ✋✋? See this post on our feed to place a bid.

Just looking at this bad boy makes me want to go chop some wood.

Lastly, we couldn’t not post about one of our favorite cloutifieds so far, namely the debut of @BitcloutMarketPlace with… a used car sale. “… some light rust?” No matter, we could see Rust from True Detective driving that beauty.

That’s a wrap for today, boys, girls, bots, and everyone and thing else in between. Did we keep you up too late reading another edition of @BitsTODAY? We’ll tag in @Ramen for ya. Although we reckon all you not-so-starving-anymore NFT artists are already familiar.

Auf wiedersehen,

The @BitsTODAY team

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