064. Social NFTs launch on BitClout 💥

  1. BuzzClout: Exclusive updates from @bitcloutsignal and @bithunt ⚡️
  2. Ubiquitous UX drops: BitClout’s “Social NFTs.” a whole new category of NFT.
  3. The Cloutifieds: Get it while it’s hot! @BitsTODAY NF50 drops 💦
  4. General absurdity: The mind behind Ethereum name drops BitClout 🤯

Diamondhands’ drops 💎

#1 BuzzClout

Before we dive in, which creators were making the biggest moves on NFT release day? @bitcloutsignal is on it like white on rice 🍚:

kinda salty there isn’t a media category tbh tho…

#2 Ubiquitous UX drops: BitClout’s “Social NFTs.” a whole new category of NFT.

We’ve been building up to it for months. And now it’s finally here. Currently, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), which are unique units of data stored on blockchains, are predominantly ‘minted’ (created) on Ethereum, which is the most popular ‘general purpose’ blockchain. Now you can mint NFTs on BitClout too. LFG! 💯💣💥

mama, there goes that man 💨💨💨
as of this writing, the bids on @tijn’s NFT are up to ~$4k 💰💰💰
what better way to do QA than just to do it live, eh?
to be clear, we added this meme. wasn’t @diamondhands 😂
nevertheless, they persisted 💪
If you are looking at this post and thinking “yo Diamondhands you should NFT dis.” Then boy do I have news for you.
  • Single vs multiple editions determines how many NFTs there will be for your post (ranging from 1/1 to ♾️)
  • Not all NFTs have to be put on sale right away. i.e. you could mint an NFT without putting it up for auction immediately (perhaps to tease a future sale 💁‍♀️, for instance).
  • Minimum bids dictate the lowest amount you’d be willing to accept for one of your NFTs.
  • % Creator Royalty = the % of future re-sales that will continue to accrue to you, the original creator in $clout
  • % Coin-holder Royalty = the % of the initial NFT sale that will be ‘locked’ in your creator coin (making others’ investments more valuable) 📈
I knead a bread NFT. BreadFT if you will.
@nvo taking these NFT proceeds straight back to @sourdough’s bakery 🍞
damn, haven’t had a countdown since deflation bomb days ⌛
As if we couldn’t be more bullish
@maebeam simps… assemble!!!
we will str8 up fight y’all bidding for this one 🥊
some of us are mintin’ memes while @ClayPerryMusic been str8 SCHEMING
@lazynina, u & us, dinner, say Nobu Friday @ 7pm? drinks on us

#3 The Cloutifieds: Get it while it’s hot! @BitsTODAY NF50 drops 💦

📢 HOT OFF THE PRESSES 📢. OF COURSE we had drop some NFT goodies on ya’ll. Not only do we have a batch of NF50s for purchase on Bitclout, but we went ahead and officially shipped a fresh batch of NF50s on the Ethereum blockchain. You can check them out and buy here!

Alexa, add to cart please 🛒

#4 General absurdity: The mind behind ETH name drops BitClout 🤯

As if NFTs launching on BitClout wasn’t enough for one day, we’ve just now realized that absolute crypto legend, Vitalik Buterin, the brain behind Ethereum, name-dropped BitClout in a presentation at last week’s Ethereum conference in Paris. Whoops, that one slipped our radar somehow! 🚨 Luckily, it didn’t slip @JakeUdell’s 👇

Wen @vitalikbuterin???



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